Keds men's and women's size chart

With over a 100-year history, Keds sneakers have become one of the classic casual silhouettes.

Although the brand’s primary focus is now on women’s models, it still has a selection of unisex styles which can be availed by gentlemen.

Compared to 190+ footwear brands on the market, Keds fall into the true-to-size range. However, knowing your current foot length can help a great deal in determining the right Keds size for you.

Keds men's and women's size chart

Keds shoe sizes compared to similar brands

As subsidiaries of the same American footwear manufacturer, Keds and Sperry also share their shoe sizing approach. Vans sneakers are expected to run half-a-size smaller, and Converse Chucks are notorious for running 2 full sizes larger and require sizing down.

Foot length (mm) Keds Sperry Vans Converse Chuck Taylor*
Women’s US sizes
230 6 6 6.5 4
240 7 7 7.5 5
250 8 8 8.5 6.5
260 9 9 9.5 7.5
270 10 10 10.5 8.5

If you have a shoe from a brand that’s not mentioned in this section, go to the conversion tool at the bottom to find out its equivalent in Keds.

How to convert unisex sizes in Keds

Keds unisex sizing runs as men’s sizing and ladies should add 2 US sizes to the unisex one to get an accurate one. For example, if you have US 7, order unisex US 5.

Do Keds shoes need breaking in?

As it goes for all canvas sneakers with rubber soles, Keds may require some breaking in before fitting comfortably. Of course, they may not be as stiff as Vans or DC, but here are a few tips on what to do with your Keds before taking them out on the first long walk:

  • bend and twist the shoe gently
  • put on thicker socks and move around in the shoe, roll onto the toes and back
  • stuff them with paper, towels, or any other material until the uppers are fully expanded and leave them overnight

You can also go for slip-on Keds designs if you prefer more freedom for the instep and ankles as well as quicker on-off.

Keds have width options

People with narrower or wider foot shapes also have a chance to find a well-fitting shoe in Keds:

  • 15% of Keds sneakers come in wide (D)
  • 3% - in extra wide (E+)
  • 7% - in narrow (A)
Keds men's size chart
Keds women's size chart