Birkenstock men's and women's size chart

Founded back in 1774, it’s hard to think of another contemporary shoe brand with so much history. Over the centuries, Birkenstock has built a fine reputation for its cozy cork footbeds that contour to the shape of the foot.

This Birkenstock size and fit guide will help you get the most out of these comfy sandals, slippers, and sneakers.

RECOMMENDATION: Before checking with the chart below, we highly advise measuring your exact foot length if you haven’t done it for more than a year. 

Birkenstock men's and women's size chart

Do Birkenstocks run big?

Yes. Based on the official sizing scheme, Birkenstock tends to run bigger than other popular shoe brands like Nike and Adidas. So, most likely, you will need to get 1-2 full US sizes smaller.

The safest way to go is to check with the actual millimeter measurements. The table below shows the comparisons to other popular shoe brands:

Foot length (mm)




Men’s sizes


US 7 / EU 40

US 9 / EU 42.5

US 8.5 / EU 42


US 9 / EU 42

US 10 / EU 44

US 10 / EU 44


US 10 / EU 43

US 11 / EU 45

US 11 / EU 45.5

Women’s sizes


US 5 / EU 36

US 6.5 / EU 37.5

US 6 / EU 37.5


US 6 / EU 37

US 7.5 / EU 38.5

US 7.5 / EU 39.5


US 8 / EU 39

US 8.5 / EU 40

US 8.5 / EU 41

Because Birkenstock is a European brand, its sizing scheme is also based on the EU system. That’s why there is a high chance that there can be discrepancies from your normal US size. 

Please note that this information is based on the official size charts and may not apply to all shoe models from the mentioned brands. 

Regular and narrow fit in Birkenstock

Regular fit: Choose this option if you typically wear a regular Medium width in your shoes (C in women’s and D in men’s). People with wider feet (D women’s and 2E men’s) can also opt for this one as the Birkentock sandals are designed to be quite spacious.

Narrow fit: Go with this variant if you have narrower feet (A in women’s and B in men’s) or prefer your shoes to fit snug.

How to break in Birkenstock shoes

The brand itself recommends bending and twisting the shoe lightly while holding the toe and the heel areas. This will help the shoe or sandal feel comfier from the start. 

The manufacturer also warns that it takes about 5-6 times of wearing a pair of Birkenstocks before the feet fully get used to its contoured support.

In the case of sandals, be sure to adjust the straps to your feet as well to avoid rubbing and hot spots.

Here you also have the option to compare the sizing of Birkenstock to another footwear brand that you normally wear:

Birkenstock men's size chart
Birkenstock women's size chart