Who should buy Sidi T-5 Air

The updated version of the T-4 Air Carbon shoe, the Sidi T-5 Air, is a must-have if you are looking for a triathlon shoe that will save your time during triathlon splits.

Sidi T-5 Air top view

Sidi T-5 Air: Comfortable, quality cycling shoe

Plenty of Sidi T-5 Air users loves the shoe's incredible comfort.

This triathlon cycling shoe also has an excellent quality, says several owners. The material used ensures that this cycling shoe from Sidi doesn’t lose its rigidity as it ages.

Sidi T-5 Air side profile

It can also retain its color for a long time and resist laceration, ripping, and stretching.

Air in, water out

The nylon used on the Sidi T-5 Air will not absorb water. 

It also features a super-perforated upper that maximizes drainage and ventilation of the shoe. Many wearers affirm that this is breathable.

Sidi T-5 Air perforate upper

T-5 Air offers stable and efficient pedaling

According to some triathletes, the Sidi T-5 Air has good power delivery. However, a few cyclists who are used to super-stiff soles say this shoe is a bit flexible.

Sidi T-5 Air outsole

With the multi-step system of the T-5 Air, it is ensured that dissipation of power is minimized, allowing efficient power transfer.

Sidi T-5 Air heel

The heel cups also contribute to efficient pedaling by keeping the feet stable.

The efficient retention system of this Sidi cycling shoe

A couple of reviewers mention that the retention system works efficiently and allows easy on and off for faster transitions.

Sidi T-5 Air closure

Since the symbol of the brand, the ratcheting system, will be too slow for adjusting, the brand chose to design the shoe with a two-strap closure system for easy and quick adjustment.

Sidi T-5 Air low top and pull tab

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 9.7oz / Women 9.5oz
Use: Triathlon
Cleat design: 3 holes
Closure: Velcro
Features: Replaceable Sole Guards, Look Delta
Collection: Sidi Heel Cup
Material: Synthetic upper, Carbon composite sole

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