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6 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of people enjoy wearing the Sidi Shot Matt for long rides.
  • The stiffness of the outsole delivers impressive power transfer, says almost all of the reviewers.
  • Numerous users appreciate the adjustable heel structure.
  • Many cyclists love the dual dial system as it prevents instep discomfort without compromising lockdown.
  • According to a lot of owners, pedaling is easy with this pair of cycling shoes on because it feels very light on the feet.
  • This trainer is described as good looking by plenty of folks.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The vent on the Shot Matt does not fully seal, which irks a few bikers as sand quickly gets in.
  • One person notes that the thin insole offers no value to the footgear.

Bottom line

This road cycling shoe from Sidi is built to provide a customized fit. The dials allow wearers to make micro-adjustments to ensure a comfortable foot wrap. Meanwhile, the adjustable heel structure keeps the foot in an optimal pedaling position. The Sidi Shot Matt also gains the favor of purchasers because it looks good and keeps the foot comfortable.

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Good to know

If hot and sweaty feet are a concern in your biking journey, the Shot Matt may be the right fit for you. It is built with features that provide moisture and temperature control for a more comfortable ride. It also uses proprietary innovations to deliver a snug fit that aids in a more efficient pedaling motion.

Power transfer. The bottom of the Shot Matt is made of VENT CARBON SOLE. It is a light yet rigid compound that enhances power transfer from the foot to the pedal.

Aeration. Polyurethane (PU) heel and toe pads are used to foster ease of walking. The toe pad also serves as a vent cover that can be adjusted to allow or prevent air from entering the foot chamber. Triathletes also benefit from the vent as it can also serve as a drainage port.

The Shot Matt is a pair of 3-hole bike shoes. It is compatible with the following clipless road pedals: Look Keo 2 Max, Shimano M520 SPD, and Time XPro 10, to name a few.

There are visible marking on the cleat area. They help with cleat adjustments so the foot is always in the most comfortable position while pedaling.

Protection. Wrapping the foot in a protective enclosure is the MICROFIBRA TECHPRO. It is a lightweight and durable material. It has also been treated to repel water and mold to promote healthy feet.

Comfort. The top also features mesh panels. They allow heat dissipation to prevent the interior from getting too hot during long rides. 

Lockdown. At the instep area is the DOUBLE TECNO 3 PUSH SYSTEM. These two dials rest on a single base, which allows it to evenly spread the pressure and prevent discomfort when the wires are tightened.

Heel security. At the rearfoot are two components: the heel cup and the ADJUSTABLE HEEL RETENTION DEVICE. A synthetic overlay forms a panel on the rear section, keeping the heel in the proper position for pedaling. It also prevents the back of the shoe from coming out of shape with prolonged use.

As for the ADJUSTABLE HEEL RETENTION DEVICE, it looks like a bar just below the collar. The fit can be altered, so it hugs the heel to prevent unnecessary lifts that can cause chafing and loss of power.

A thin foam insole can be found inside the Shot Matt. It stops the foot from in-shoe sliding to avoid blisters.

Replaceable parts include the heel and toe pads, the ADJUSTABLE HEEL RETENTION DEVICE, and the insole.


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