Who should buy the Sidi Shot

Riding long distances won’t be too tiring when you’re wearing this pair of cycling shoes. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a shoe that is built to snugly wrap the foot to prevent hot spots and aid in effective power transfer.
  • Need a rigid outsole that won’t easily bend so every effort exerted by the biker is directly conveyed to the pedal, making for smoother rides.

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Sidi Shot Vent carbon sole

The Sidi Shot uses a VENT CARBON SOLE for its bottom. This compound is lightweight and stiff, so no energy is lost while pedaling.

Sidi Shot Sidi Shot vent carbon sole

Breathable and Grippy

The sole unit has integrated vents and channels that allow air to flow inside and heat to dissipate. The vents on the forefoot section can be closed if you need to keep your feet warm during cold weather.

Sidi Shot Breathable and Grippy

There are polyurethane pads on the heel and the toe sections to make walking feel more natural. They add grip and prevent slipping. Another purpose served by the toe pad is that it can be adjusted to open or close the air vent.

Look-style system

The Sidi Shot employs a 3-hole drilling system or more commonly referred to as the Look-style system. It is widely used for road cycling because the broad area offers more stability and better power transfer while pedaling.

Sidi Shot Look-style system

Sidi shot techpro microfiber

The TECHPRO MICROFIBER makes up the top of the Sidi Shot. It is crafted from eco-friendly polyurethane (PU) that is abrasion-resistant, water-repellent, light, and retains the structure of the upper.

Sidi Shot Sidi shot techpro microfiber

The material has also received hydro and anti-mold treatments. They prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Comfortable cushioning

Mesh panels are present on the vamp and the quarters. They allow air to cool the interior. The inside walls are lined with a soft fabric that prevents hot spots and chafing.

Sidi Shot Comfortable cushioning

Offers secure fit

The DOUBLE TECNO 3 PUSH SYSTEM is placed on the instep area. Push the button to pop-up the flap that makes it easy to turn the dial and tighten the fit. To loosen it, simultaneously squeeze the buttons on either side of the dial to release the cable. The side buttons can also be used to make micro-adjustments.

Sidi Shot Offers secure fit

Heel security

Two elements at the back of this Sidi shoe prevents heel lift. First is the ADJUSTABLE HEEL RETENTION DEVICE, which is easy to spot because of its reflective design. Each side can be independently adjusted for a more customized heel hold. To change the setting, turn the screw towards the + sign to make it snug and turn the screws towards the - sign to loosen the grip.

Sidi Shot Heel security

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 10.1oz
Use: Road
Cleat design: 3 holes
Closure: BOA
Features: Water-resistant, Reflective, Replaceable Sole Guards, Look Delta
BRAND Brand: Sidi
Rigidity: Very stiff

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