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6 reasons to buy

  • The Sidi Ergo 5 amazes droves of cycling enthusiasts with its impeccable comfort.
  • Many owners praise this Sidi bike shoe's excellent quality.
  • This cycling shoe gains the approval of expert reviewers thanks to its excellent power transfer.
  • A number of testers appreciate the Ergo 5's lightweight as it prolongs overall comfort for long rides.
  • Its sleek design and style have earned several consumers' praises.
  • Some users delight at this pair's efficient retention system.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of reviewers find the dials too fiddly.
  • An expert claims the shoe has limited airflow for when the weather warms up.

Bottom line

The search for uber-stiff yet comfortable road shoes seem to be put to a halt by the Sidi Ergo 5. This top-rated bike shoe provides excellent power transfer and quality without sacrificing comfort.

Some individuals, however, are critical about its closure system and breathability. Overall, this Sidi road bike shoe does not let down on almost all fronts.

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Good to know

This pair of Sidi road cycling shoes are crafted to optimize user performance. It features a top that snugly wraps the foot to keep it in a comfortable position on the bike. Meanwhile, the stiff outsole prevents power loss throughout the pedaling cycle.

Pedal power. The bottom part of the Ergo 5 is made of TWELVE CARBON COMPOSITE. This compound is engineered from a nylon matrix injected with carbon fiber. The resulting material is a very rigid compound that doesn’t absorb water or lose shape with use.

Walkability. Because the outsole is very stiff and very hard to walk on, Sidi placed polyurethane (PU) pads on the heel and toe sections. These components make it easy to walk on hard surfaces.

A 3-hole cleat system is a standard for road cycling trainers like the Sidi Ergo 5. It is compatible with pedals like the Look Keo 2 Max, the Shimano PD-RS500, the Time Xpresso 2, and the Garmin Vector 3S. A 3-hole base plate can be used with the 4-hole Speedplay cleat to make the Ergo 5 compatible with Speedplay pedals.

Markings are visible on the cleat area. They serve to help cyclists align the cleat, so their foot is positioned comfortably on the pedal.

Protection. The top of the Sidi Ergo 5 is made of TECHPRO MICROFIBER. This Italian made PU material is engineered to withstand abrasions, repel water, and keep its shape with regular use. It also received anti-mold treatment to prevent it from harboring mold and bacteria.

Comfort. The SOFT INSTEP 4 can be found on this cycling footwear. It is the wide strap seen atop the shoe that features an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) pad to even out the pressure when the dial is tightened. It helps accommodate low and high insteps. The strap can be adjusted on both ends, making it easy to keep the foam pad at the center.

Locking mechanism. There are three straps on this pair of cycling shoes. The first two are kept locked down using the TECHNO-3 PUSH dial. To tighten the dial, push the button to lift the buckle and then start turning until you reach the desired fit. To loosen, push the side buttons to release the wire. These buttons can also be used to make micro-adjustments by pressing them one at a time.

As for the third strap, it uses HIGH SECURITY VELCRO. This Velcro closure has been enhanced with integrated locking polymer teeth. These elements prevent the belt from disengaging when pedaling hard and fast.

Heel security. The back of the shoe is covered in synthetic overlays. They cup the heel, avoiding lifts or unnecessary movements that could affect power transfer.

The Side Ergo 5 accommodates regular foot width. However, this style is also offered in Mega for those with broader foot dimensions.

Inside the Ergo 5 is the COMFORT FIT INSOLE. This thin foam is ergonomic to deliver full underfoot coverage. It has a memory foam effect that amplifies in-shoe comfort.

  • The Sidi Ergo 5 has several replaceable components, including the COMFORT FIT INSOLE, the SOFT INSTEP 4, and the TECHNO-3 dials.
  • The Sidi Ergo 5 has been named as the official shoe for the 2019 Giro d’Italia.


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