Construction of the Sidi Alba 2

The Sidi Alba 2 is a race-focused road cycling shoe. It is considered as a relatively cheaper option compared to its siblings. However, it stands out to consumers as it employs features usually found in its more expensive counterparts but at a lesser price. 

The shoe’s upper is crafted from the brand’s Politex material that’s designed with overlapping layers. Down below, the sole used is called the Millennium 4 Carbon Composite sole, which is made from nylon with injected carbon fiber.

The Tecno 3 system along with the Soft Instep 3 strap holds the foot securely in the shoe.


Stiff and durable. Do not waste an ounce of energy or throw your training out the window with this shoe’s excellent power transfer. With the Millennium 4 Carbon Composite sole, it allows you to achieve the speed you want through the efficient transfer of power to your pedals.

This sole type yields the ideal balance of stiffness, durability, and affordability.

Sure-footed, non-slip confidence. The Alba 2 by Sidi employs rubber pads that are placed in the toe and heel areas for anti-slip in smooth surfaces. The PU pad in the heel area is renewable to get the most use out of your investment.

Cleat System

The Sidi Alba 2 employs a three-hole cleat system. It is compatible with any road bike pedal systems with three-bolt designs such as Speedplay Light Action, Campagnolo Pro-Fit, and Time Impact.


Comfort. This latest version of the Alba 2 features a Politex upper. It is a synthetic material that’s developed and designed by the brand for a comfortable and supportive fit without pressure points. Sidi claims that this material is eco-friendly.

Precise fit. This pair’s lockdown is governed by two Velcro straps in the mid and forefoot areas and a combination of the Soft Instep 3 strap and Tecno 3 dial system at the top part. 

The Velcro straps provide an easy adjustment for the specific areas it covers, while the Soft Instep 3 strap features an EVA foam to prevent pressure points. This strap can also be adjusted on both sides for an easier time finding the correct placing on your instep.

The Tecno 3 system is composed of wires placed throughout the shoe so that when the dial is tightened, the whole upper will envelop the foot comfortably.

Anti-heel slips. Equipped with Sidi’s proprietary heel cup design, the rear part of your foot stays secure and in place. This technology also retains the shoe’s shape longer as it is designed to prevent deformation via performance or prolonged pressure.


Apart from the men's regular width option, the Sidi Alba 2 is also offered in two more lasts the women and Mega lasts. The women-specific last features a more tapered design to mimic the ladies’ naturally narrower foot shape. It is narrower across the ball of the foot and heel cup and has lesser volume on the instep.

The Mega last, on the other hand, employs 4mm more across the ball of the foot. It has more volume, a high instep, and a fuller heel cup. The Mega version is either EE or EEE width.


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