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6 reasons to buy

  • The majority of Shimano XC500 reviews speak of its impeccable comfort.
  • Many are impressed with this MTB shoe's clean looks and find it visually appealing.
  • Plenty of wearers say that its soles are pretty stiff, given its price range.
  • The XC500 offers good traction, according to some cyclists.
  • A number of owners laud the pair's quality in materials and construction.
  • It is reasonably priced, say a few consumers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A commenter gripes about how the cleat area isn't recessed enough to prevent the cleats from being in contact with the floor.
  • One user claims that his foot felt clammy when he went out on a hot summer day ride.

Bottom line

The XC500 by Shimano is a mixed-terrain MTB shoe that highlights comfort and quality. It also gets excellent feedback for its adequate traction, pricing and enough rigidity.

The XC500 ticks off all the essential elements of a mid-level mountain bike shoe. If you seek comfort, versatile use and practicality over performance, this cycling shoe could be ideal for you.

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Good to know

Who is it for? The Shimano XC500 is an MTB shoe that's marketed for cross mountain, cyclocross, and gravel users. However, it's also recommended to cyclists who seek the following elements in their footwear:

  • Sleek looking and relatively lightweight MTB shoe
  • Lace-up bike shoe
  • Affordable price
  • Adequate power transfer
  • Grippy soles

What is it for? This cycling shoe is suitable for the following cycling endeavors:

  • Cross mountain
  • Cyclocross
  • Gravel
  • Urban commuting
  • Touring or bikepacking

Lightweight and rigid sole. The Shimano XC500 employs a carbon fiber reinforced sole for adequate power transfer. This shoe is rated 7 out of 12 in the brand's stiffness index chart.

Traction. The outsole is covered in Michelin rubber tread to provide grip on slippery surfaces. The tread design is engineered to prevent rocks and mud from getting stuck between the crevices.

Additional spike slots are placed in the area to allow users to add spikes for an even more enhanced grip. The spikes themselves aren't included in the package and are sold separately.

The XC500 features the tradition MTB SPD two-bolt cleat design. Some of the pedals that go with this shoe are Shimano XTR M9100 Race, HT Components T1, and Time Speciale 8.

This pair features the brand's signature expanded cleat adjustment. This means the space for cleat positioning features additional aft adjustment to provide the rider more options for optimal cleat positioning.

Comfort. This model's upper is crafted from supple synthetic leather materials with perforation for all-day comfort on the saddle.

Lockdown. The traditional lace-up closure system is utilized to govern this pair's retention system. It also comes with a garterized lace loop to keep the laces from flapping around or getting caught in the bike.

To further provide a cinched fit, Shimano also added a Mini Power Strap. This mechanism tightens as the laces are also being pulled taut. It is designed to prevent the shoelaces from loosening once tightened already.

Adequate toe protection. A light toe reinforcement is utilized to enhance the overall durability and protect the toes from light bumps.

Enhanced visibility. Reflective detailing is placed on the heel area to you visible even in low light conditions.

The XC500 employs the brand's Dynalast technology for all-day comfort and optimal foot positioning while pedaling. The toe spring and heel sections of Dynalast shoes feature a lower shape compared to traditional cycling shoes. This design is based on several years of research and feedback from pro cyclists.

The Shimano XC500 comes with an extra set of spare laces.

How XC500 compares

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This shoe: $200
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$75 $550
This shoe: 10.6oz
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