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8 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: The majority of the Shimano IC500 owners rave about the shoe's impeccable comfort.
  • Airflow: Almost everyone expresses satisfaction with the pair's breathable construction.
  • Attractive: A lot of consumers adore the model's sleek and classic design.
  • Closure: This indoor bike shoe's BOA closure is praised by plenty of users for its easy and on-the-go adjustments.
  • Quality: The IC500's construction and materials have excellent quality, according to many purchasers.
  • Light: It is lightweight, which several wearers appreciate.
  • Supportive: Some cyclists commend the footwear's supportive fit.
  • Easy to clip in and out: A number of indoor bikers applaud how effortless clipping in and out of the pedal is with this shoe.

1 reason not to buy

  • Too stiff: A few beginner indoor spin cyclists find the pair's soles to be too rigid.

Bottom line

Apart from its good looks, the Shimano IC500 ticks the boxes for most essential features on a spin bike shoe. This includes comfort, breathability, support, and adequate power transfer. Plus, the lightweight feel and easy clipping in and out contribute to a pleasant ride.

The IC500 is a great indoor cycling shoe, overall, and could appeal to most practitioners.

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Shimano IC500: A stylishly sleek and powerful indoor bike shoe

Shimano's IC500 is a women's exclusive performance indoor cycling shoe. It is designed to be SPD compatible, which is easier to clip in and out of the pedal compared to its Look Delta counterpart.

On the other hand, compared to flat indoor bike shoes, SPD indoor shoes provide a better connection to the pedal and transfer the energy you exert more accurately.

What is it for? The IC500 is suitable for the following indoor cycling endeavors:

  • Fierce indoor cycling cardio workouts
  • Beating your previous personal best

Highlights of the IC500

  • Sock mesh upper with reinforcements - Breathable, supportive, and provides that sleek, fashionable look
  • BOA L6 dial - Accurate and on-the-go fine-tuning
  • Nylon composite sole - Provides stable power transfer
  • Full-length rubber sole - To keep you upright while off the bike
  • Recessed cleat area - To aid in easier effort in walking


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