Construction of the Shimano AM501

Shimano’s AM501 is an MTB shoe with SPD compatibility. It was designed with the help of Downhill World Champion Gee Atherton. The nylon midsoles are reinforced with glass fiber to create a stiffer platform with a better transfer of power. 

The rubber soles and its tread design enhance grip no matter the trail conditions. Lastly, lace closures provide secure yet comfortable lockdown.


A balance between rigidity and flex. The AM501 is rated by the brand to have a stiffness index of 5 out of 12. This yields enough stiffness for adequate power transfer and enough pliability for comfortable hike-a-biking when the situation calls for it.

High traction. Apart from this shoe’s rubber soles, distinctive tread designs are also applied in the toe and heel areas. This aids in keeping the wearer upright in slippery trails.

Cleat System

The Shimano AM501 employs a 2-bolt cleat system. It is compatible with the following pedal types: Crank Brothers Mallet Enduro, Time ATAC XC 8 Clipless Carbon, and Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3 Clipless.  

It features an expanded cleat adjustment range. This offers extra room for users to mount further back towards the ball of the foot for better positioning.

This model can be used on both flat and clipless pedals. Thanks to its sole design, it plants perfectly on flat pedals.


Durable and protective upper. Crafted from synthetic leather and mesh inserts, the Shimano AM501 offers breathability, adequate protection against impacts, and endurance. 

Time-tested closure. This shoe employs the traditional lace-up system. Aside from providing a proven lockdown and comfortable fit, it also easily replaceable when the need arises.


This model comes with a regular type of insole. Wearers can replace it with special orthotic footbeds for better arch support.

Good to know

  • The Shimano AM501 comes with an extra pair of laces.
  • This review covers the 2019 version. The previous iteration employs a top strap that keeps laces in place.

Shimano AM501 vs. Shimano AM701

Shimano AM501 or AM701? If you’re debating which one to get, here’s a brief rundown of their similarities and differences. Both Shimano AM501 and AM701 come from the same lineage and suggested use. They also both utilize lace-ups for retention and are sneaker-inspired.

However, the AM701 received better overall reviews. It is said to be lighter and more breathable. And components such as protective toe bumpers, Velcro top-straps, and ankle gaiters proved to be essentials for mountain cycling.


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