We spent 9.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

5 reasons to buy

  • Most runners appreciated the traction of the shoe coming from its aggressive lugs on the outsole.
  • Several testers mentioned that the Scott Supertrac RC was an optimally cushioned and hence the-desired-amount-of-comfortable shoe.
  • A few runners lauded the grip of the midsole which prevented sliding inside the shoe.
  • A purchaser highly appreciated the sleek and agile design of the shoe which enabled him to do extra miles without worrying about being tired.
  • A customer noticed that the shoe’s tongue unit was soft against the skin.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A reviewer felt irritation around his ankles due to the higher collar construction.
  • A user had a blister formation under the toe-off position while running in this footwear.

Bottom line

According to a number of those who have tried it, the Scott Supertrac RC offers a perfect blend of soft cushioning and enhanced responsiveness. The rugged trail shoe, with its sturdy yet flexible build and stylish looks, was generally welcomed and trusted by neutral trail runners. Owing to its performance on various challenging surfaces, it stands out from the competition.



A top rated Trail running shoe
A top rated Scott running shoe
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Expert Reviews

87 / 100 based on 22 expert reviews

  • 89 / 100 |

    Scott Supertrac RC: Power is nothing without traction

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    trail racing flat with a sturdy, semi-breathable upper, a responsive midsole and a super aggressive outsole.

    The Supertrac RC is a very versatile shoe, it is cushioned enough for longer runs, and fast enough for short races. The outsole destroys loose mud, big rocks, and everything in between. This is a great choice for a shoe if you want to PR on your next trail race.



    Upper Material

    The Supertrac RC has a very sturdy upper.

    It is made of a stiff, semi-breathable material.  The upper feel almost indestructible. While I was running a race with hiking poles, I planted my sharp pole tip right on top of my foot. The upper was not damaged at all, yet my foot started bleeding.



    The thick, stiff upper material kept my feet dry in the mud. No trail debris ever made it into this shoe.

    The upper is smooth on the inside of the shoe. The upper material is so stiff, that when you are toeing off, the upper bunches up at the place where the shoe bends. This is a little irritating to my feet, but it is not too bad.

    Heel Cup

    The Supertrac RC has a substantial plastic heel cup. The heel cup provides support and helps with the fit of the shoe. The heel collar is well padded.



    This made the shoe comfortable even when the laces were tied very tightly. The heel area is lined with a synthetic moisture wicking material, to keep your feet dry as they sweat.

    Tongue & Laces

    The Supertrac RC has thin flat laces. They do not stretch at all. This makes the fit of the shoe less adaptive.

    I find that I have to tie the laces very tightly to get a secure fit. The Supertrac RC has a thin plastic tongue. This tongue is not padded enough, considering that I have to tie the laces so tightly.



    The Supertrac RC has a very strange insole.

    The material sticks to your feet, which is good while you're running, but it makes sliding your foot into the shoe rather challenging. I always bunch up the insole while putting on the shoe.



    The Supertrac RC has a straight fit.

    The shoe has a little bit of a narrow platform, however, this is favorable when you are trying to go fast. The toe box has a wider than average fit. I really liked this feature because it allows my big toe to stay straight so that I could more powerfully push off.

    The midfoot and heel areas have a narrower fit. This makes the shoe feel more secure, so I can fly down technical downhills without slipping.


    Toe Bumper

    My favorite part of any trail shoe is the toe bumper.

    The Supertrac RC has a toe bumper that is made from a small piece of the outsole rubber and a large plastic toe cap. The toe bumper is very sturdy. My feet can barely feel it when I kick a brick wall or a stone on the trail.



    Midsole Material

    Underneath the weird insole, is a very hard Strobel board, and a layer of responsive foam.

    The Supertrac RC has firm cushioning. The cushioning dampens the feel of rocks and roots that you step on, but it does not provide as much cushioning as I would like. I would like the shoe better if the midsole was slightly softer.



    That being said, the midsole material does make you go faster. It increases your turnover, and it does not drain energy from you.

    The shoe is neither stiff nor flexible. It is somewhere in between. The shoe is not stiff enough to give you a noticeable pop at the toe-off stage of the gait cycle, but it is also too stiff to promote natural running.

    Strobel board

    A Strobel board is a hard piece of plastic between the midsole foam and the sockliner. The Strobel board stops your foot from sinking into the midsole cushioning.

    The Strobel board effectively moves the epicenter of the midsole compression from just underneath your foot, to just above the outsole. The Strobel board causes your foot and lower leg muscles to work harder, but as a result, you go faster.

    Removing the Strobel board makes the shoe more comfortable, because your feet and lower legs do not have to work as hard, but you can't sustain as fast of a pace.


    The Supertrac RC has a 5-millimeter heel to toe offset. This makes the shoe better for midfoot and forefoot strikers.

    The shoe does have enough cushioning to accommodate heel strikers, but it is definitely more comfortable if you forefoot strike. Lower offset shoes have slower transitions from heel strike to toe-off.

    That being said, this is still a fast shoe that a heel striker could race in.


    The outsole is the best part of the Supertrac RC is the outsole.



    The entire outsole is covered in a layer of sticky rubber.

    Protruding from this sheet of rubber are widely spaced, long and aggressive, multi-directional lugs. These lugs provide great traction on all types of trails, while both ascending, and descending.

    The forefoot lugs form concentric circles, with the inversion center located right under the ball of your foot. This makes the shoe better for neutral runners.



    Neutral runners will apply the most pressure on the ground underneath the ball of their foot, which makes the lug design the most effective because the lugs circulate around the ball of your foot.

    The outsole is very durable. In my 80 miles of testing, there are minimal signs of wear.

    Rock Plate

    There is no rock guard on the outsole of this shoe, however, the thick rubber outsole, and the midsole foam absorb the impacts from all sharp objects. A rock plate would just add weight to this shoe.

    Best Uses

    trail running shoe for any uptempo work.

    I pretty much would suggest it for anything but slow jogging. I would recommend this shoe for any race distance up to 50 miles. I would prefer a little bit more cushion for a 100-mile race.

    The Supertrac RC is more geared towards forefoot strikers, but any type of neutral runner can enjoy running in this shoe.

    This shoe can handle any trail, from groomed trails to the most technical of trails. I do not recommend this shoe for roads. The outsole is too aggressive, which makes it uncomfortable on roads. Roads also wear down the lugs too quickly.



    -0.5 indicates that you should buy 0.5 sizes smaller in a different shoe; +0.5 indicates that you should buy 0.5 sizes larger in a different shoe; = indicates that you should buy the same size in both shoes.


    Scott Supertrac RC VS. Hoka One One Speed Instinct 2

    The Speed Instinct 2 and Supertrac RC weigh about the same amount. Both shoes have about the same stack height, however, the Speed Instinct has softer midsole foam, and therefore a more cushioned ride.

    Both shoes are fast trail racing shoes.

    The Speed instinct is fast because of the firmer forefoot, and stiff ride. The Supertrac RC has much more aggressive lugs and therefore has better traction. The Speed Instinct has a more comfortable upper.

    Scott Supertrac RC VS. La Sportiva Helios SR

    The Helios SR is about an ounce lighter than the Supertrac RC. Both shoes are equally fast. The Helios SR is more minimal and more flexible; The Supertrac RC is slightly higher profile but has a faster ride.

    The Helios SR has a more comfortable, snug upper. The Helios SR is better for shorter races, whereas the Supertrac RC is better for longer races.

    Scott Supertrac RC VS. Brooks Mazama

    The Mazama is a very stiff and fast shoe.The Mazama has minimal cushioning, so it is only good for shorter distances.

    The Mazama weighs about half an ounce more than the Supertrac RC. Both shoes have equally protective uppers and have equally strong traction. The toe bumper on the Mazama is even more sturdy than the toe bumper on the Supertrac RC.

    Scott Supertrac RC VS. Scott Kinabalu RC

    The Supertrac RC is a higher profile version of the Kinabalu RC.

    The Supertrac RC has more midsole cushioning, and more aggressive lugs. The Kinabalu RC is actually an ounce heavier than the Supertrac RC. For that reason, I much prefer the Supertrac RC. Why carry extra weight without extra protection?


    trail racing shoe.

    It has an amazing outsole, decent cushioning, and a sturdy upper that needs some improvement. I take off points because the upper is a little bit uncomfortable, and not breathable. The midsole could also be improved to have a little bit of a softer ride.

    Overall, the Supertrac RC is versatile trail racing shoe, capable of crushing any PR from the 5k to 50 miles.

  • 95 / 100 |

    Scott Supertrac RC - Superior traction for technical trails & orienteering

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    I got these shoes from Scott for testing purposes. Which is very fortunate for me. Out of the box, my first impression was - wow, these are some cool looking shoes!
    Great job for the design, as far as I am concerned.


    The Scott Supertrac RC out of the box

    Comfort & Fit

    My feet are wider, I was afraid that these could be another too tight shoes. As for sizing, I chose the same size as for the Salomon and Hoka shoes. The fit is good, there's enough room for my toes. While the rest can be tightened to be comfortably snug.

    The tongue is very thin and I was unsure how it will behave in practice. Surprisingly, it is very comfortable and allows for good tightening of the shoe.

    Sometimes during the run, it escapes slightly left or right, but it is hardly felt.


    You can see that tongue is thin and ribbed. Surprisingly comfortable.


    One small issue for me is the protruded support for the foot arch. I have normal arches so this could be really felt at first. Fortunately no blisters or injuries.

    After some kilometers, I don't feel it anymore. However, I would definitely not recommend this shoe to someone with flat feet.

    Sole is a bit on the stiffer side. Sole is not flexible but I do like that in some shoes, especially those shoes for the more difficult terrains.The shoe can be tightened so tightly that there is no foot movement at all, while still maintaining sufficient foot comfort, making them great for technical terrain.

    The insole is relatively thin, but for me it is good.

    Drop is 5mm which is perfect for me, but for some people, it could require a certain adjustment period.
    Shoe weight is 250g which is great for such sturdy shoe.


    Scott Supertrac RC Outsole


    Sole has unusual radial placement of the lugs, which enables good grip in all directions.

    Everyone in orienteering knows how difficult it is to run or walk on terrains with big lateral slope. Even on some trails that can be an issue. With such grip and shoe stability, that is not an issue at all.

    Lugs are not extremely deep but they are sufficient for mud and wet ground. Sole is on the softer side, so I would not use it extensively on hard surfaces (asphalt or concrete).


    After some happy running on the mud.

    Supertrac RC Development 

    Scott says this about the sole radial grip design:

     The Supertrac RC's Radial Traction outsole was developed in collaboration with high profile SCOTT Running athletes of the Technical University of Munich.

    "Traction is directly related to the kinematics of runner's movements. So the shape of the cleats gives an idea about the final traction behavior and grip of the footwear," according to professor Veit Senner of the Technical University of Munich.

    Here's the official video about the sole development of these shoes.


    Upper seems to be of high quality and durable material, made from one piece, without seams which could tear.

    So far no traces of damage even after some quite difficult terrains, thorns, rocks and dried branches. Very important for me is the toe protection and here it works well. Even after hitting some obstacles, there were no pains in my toes.


    Good toe protection on trails


    The name of these shoes suggests superb traction + racing. And the name is perfectly chosen! They have hit the spot with these shoes.

    Not a "one shoe fits all roles" if you are looking for that, they are quite specialized. The grip is fantastic and shoes are very stable in all conditions!

    With most of the shoe models, I have problems with the issued laces which tend to untie themselves unless I use special knots or replace them completely with elastic laces ( an example of good ones are Ultimate Performance and Ronhill).

    Well, not these laces. Once tied they stay tied.

    There is no much point using those shoes on milder terrain, there are more comfortable shoes with more durable soles to be used for such purposes. Water drainage is ok, after wading through few streams in the mountain, they got dry quickly enough to avoid blisters and other issues.

    I have used them mostly for trekking on the local mountain, sometimes in the night, off-road/off-trail which includes mud, streams, leaves, slippery slopes, lateral slopes, wet stones, jumping over fallen trees, climbing on all fours, fighting nettles and thorns etc.

    Except for my old Scott Supertrac RC.

    They will not be used for other purposes, so hopefully, they will endure one fall/winter season. There will not be so much mileage but there will be a lot of abuse and extreme conditions.

    This review will be updated in the spring of 2018.


    Night orienteering and Haribo gummy candy.. can life be better?


    Yes, it can be better, when you find the control point after getting lost. :)


    Ready for another night adventure.


    • Visual design
    • Radial lug placement and great grip
    • Very stable, good for lateral slope
    • Can be properly tightened while maintaining comfort


    • Arch support area could be problematic for people with flatter feet
    • Maybe too stiff/not flexible enough for the long runs
    • The softer sole material will probably not last very long

    Overall great shoes if the minuses don't bother you.


    If you are looking for good racing shoes for technical trails and orienteering, spartan races and tough mudders, these could be ideal for you. Perhaps they are too stiff for very long runs, but for shorter workouts and races they should be the edge you need.

    They should be a good solution for the most difficult terrains. It only remains that I test them on the snow when it falls.

    I was fortunate to stumble upon them after searching for a long time for the worthy replacement for the discontinued Merrell All Out Peaks. Maybe it is because of my weight but for me, it is surprisingly difficult to find good technical shoes. Most of them have either stability or grip issues.

    If Scott has envisioned these shoes as racing shoes for the shorter trails, orienteering, and spartan racing, they did a very good job in that!

    I can only recommend these shoes for all off-trail and difficult terrain lovers, I am very happy with them.

  • 92 / 100 | Real Life Reviews | | Level 2 expert

    A seriously good multi-terrain, mountain/fell and technical trail shoe.

  • 83 / 100 | Runner's World | Level 5 expert

    RC stands for racing concept, and this speedster excels on technical territory.

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  • The radial lug design, along with the Wet Traction Rubber on the outsole, provides the perfect blend of traction and durability. Resultantly, the shoe performs efficiently even on muddy or wet surfaces.
  • The Aerofoam injected midsole is responsible for the much popular ‘walking on the clouds’ feel in the shoe. It ensures an optimal combination of springiness and comfort for the user during the runs.
  • For maintaining a healthy environment of ventilation and keeping the runner’s feet dry and cool throughout the ride, the Scott Supertrac RC uses the open mesh structure in the upper. The material feels silken against the skin.
  • The upper is strengthened using the synthetic overlays which increase the durability of the shoe and assist in maintaining a snug fit around the foot.
  • The Race Specific Tongue prevents the pressure points stress from causing impact forces on the runner’s foot by distributing it evenly throughout its surface and maintaining an irritant-free run.
  • The lightweight Racing Insoles are very breathable and they further improve the environment inside the shoe for the wearer by ensuring proper inflow and outflow of air.
  • The Scott Supertrac RC houses the race-specific last for a fast and efficient performance.

The Scott Supertrac RC stays true to its length and width. It comes in the standard running length for men and women and the standard medium width of D for men and B for women, respectively. The shoe is most suitable for the individuals who do not have wide feet.

The shoe utilizes the Radial Lug Design at two main focal points on the outsole: the first is beneath the forefoot region, and the other is in the heel section. The strategic design of the lugs results in the amount of traction needed for moving on the trails in various directions.

The Wet Traction Rubber, as the name implies, is a high-quality abrasion resistant rubber placed on the shoe’s outsole for the desired grip on tricky surfaces and an excellent performance on the trails. The outsole of this shoe is as reliable as the outsole of the Speedcross 5 from Salomon.

In its midsole, the Scott Supertrac RC utilizes the Aerofoam+ injected material. The foam material is flexible, durable and highly responsive. The Aerofoam technology provides the much sought-after ‘bouncy’ feel in the midsole and a very high energy return which keeps the runner motivated throughout the run.

The lightweight Racing Insoles are designed intelligently to further increase cushioning. It’s lightweight, so it won’t weigh down the shoe.

The shoe utilizes the ‘Open Mesh’ structure in its upper for maximum breathability and a healthy environment inside the shoe. The material feels soft against the skin and saves the user from uncomfortable chafing or rubbing of feet.

To add reinforcement to the upper, the shoe uses the seamless overlays. These layers provide additional comfort and protection to the foot.

The strategic shape of the Race Specific Tongue shields the runner’s foot from the pressure points, thereby maintaining an irritation-free and comfortably dry fit for the user throughout the run.

The race-specific RC last is designed to heighten the ergonomic fit of the shoe. Its snug design allows the underfoot platform and the upper to embrace the form of the wearer’s foot, ensuring consistency in fit and performance.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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