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5 reasons to buy

  • The Zodiac Tech GTX from Scarpa was a great, all-around, summer mountain boot, as described by an expert reviewer.
  • A substantial number of users appreciated the affordable price of this mountaineering boot.
  • The grip of the outsole received praises from a few pleased wearers.
  • This boot for mountaineering was superbly lightweight, according to a handful.
  • The ankle collar’s ability to prevent debris from entering the boot was applauded by a reputable footwear blogger.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A reviewer felt that the ankle support from the Zodiac Tech GTX was lacking.
  • Some users disliked the orange color of the boot. They noted that it was too bright for them. One buyer even returned the pair due to its color even though she was impressed with the boots performance.
  • A respected gear review site had no choice but to give the boot a downvote for its insufficiently cushioned stock insole.

Bottom line

Scarpa offers an affordable mountaineering boot with the Zodiac Tech GTX. Its grip and weight were appreciated by its users. A reviewer hailed it as an all-around summer mountain footwear. Another expert called its ankle cuff phenomenal in terms of debris prevention. On the flip side, Scarpa made some consumers disappointed because of its deficient ankle support, unremarkable footbed, and too-bright colorway.

Good to know

  • Scarpa developed the Zodiac Tech GTX to bridge the gap between approach shoes and mountaineering boots. It incorporated numerous technologies that do not compromise the weight of the pair. Its upper uses 1.8 mm Perwanger leather lined with the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane. The Ankle Padding System and Autofit Collar add comfort and render a more precise fit to users. The rubber rand protects and reinforces the upper.
  • A combination of PU and EVA materials make up the midsole of this pair. It offers long-lasting cushioning and durability. Its Pro Fiber 20 insole uses a combination of materials that offer flexibility and support to the user.
  • The crampon-compatible Vibram Pentax Precision II XT – the midsole and outsole joint unit - is integrated with the ACTIV Impact technology which absorbs impacts and minimizes stress. The Vibram Mulaz, which is in contact with the ground, promises a grippy and relaxed ride.
  • Scarpa further increased the benefits of this mountaineering boot with its Sock Fit technology. A combination of tongue, collar and flex area made from Schoeller fabric comprises this feature. Its lacing system assists in obtaining a desired fit.

Zodiac Tech GTX is offered in standard sizes and width for male and female mountaineers. The boot fairly runs true to size. For its Sock Fit technology, Scarpa utilized a Schoeller fabric for its tongue, collar and flex point area. This construction provides a sock-like, comfortable fit. Its speed and to-the-toe lacing system allow users to adjust the boot fit to achieve a precise and personalized fit for optimal performance.

The Zodiac Tech GTX from Scarpa is equipped with Vibram Mulaz outsole. Its lugs and treads are strategically positioned for mountaineering performance. It features areas responsible for thrusting, braking and gripping. Its self-cleaning grooves promote traction by preventing mud and dirt from lodging into the sole.

With high-density PU and multi-density EVA foams, the Zodiac Tech GTX is able to provide more precision and shock absorption. Polyurethane (PU) foams are known to be lightweight and adaptive to warm and cold temperatures. EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate is known for its abrasion resistance and flexibility.

The Pro Fiber 20 insole featured in this mid-cut mountaineering boot combines polypropylene and fiberglass by enveloping it in a compressed felt anti-stretch lower coating and upper felt coating. This combination enables the boot to maintain a desirable level of flex and cushioning. Polypropylene has a multitude of benefits from its resistance to chemicals to its toughness. It is also able to retain its shape over time. The felt coatings render warmth and are able to absorb moisture.

The combination of the midsole and the outsole is known as the Vibram Pentax Precision II XT. This unit has a TPU crampon insert that permits it to work with crampons. It aims to provide cushioning and support to the user. The ACTIV Impact technology is infused in this component to enhance shock absorption and absorb negative impacts. This mechanism maximizes the exerted energy on every activity.

The Scarpa Zodiac Tech GTX upper is made from breathable 1.8 mm suede Perwanger leather. It is known to be hydrophobic, scratch-resistant and durable. As Perwanger claims, their leathers are exclusively made from alpine pastures and nominated suppliers. They also boast of the unremitting innovation of their products as they undergo strict certification and adhere to environmental regulations.

Lining the Zodiac Tech GTX is the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort. It adds to the breathability and durability of this mountaineering boot. It also takes care of the waterproofing and provides adequate insulation for colder climates. It allows users to use the pair in a broader range of outdoor activities.

The Ankle Padding System of this boot uses memory foam that conforms to the shape of the foot. This foam is able to recover its original shape after every use, thus improving the comfort and adaptability of the boots’ upper. It works in conjunction with the Autofit Collar that also helps reduce stress on the ankles thru its ergonomic design.

The upper is made secure by the extended rubber rand. It wraps the boot and serves as protection against screes and other debris.

  • Zodiac Tech GTX is compatible with automatic and strap on crampons.
  • Another mountaineering boot choice is the Scarpa Charmoz boot.


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