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8 reasons to buy

  • A majority of experts mention that the Scarpa Vapor Lace is comfortable enough for use on multi-pitches and long climbs.
  • Its precision on small footholds is not left unnoticed by a considerable number of users.
  • A brand loyalist declares that he loves the improvement of the revamped Vapor Lace.
  • This comfy Scarpa rock shoe earns the approval of some wearers, thanks to its surprisingly soft feel.
  • Plenty of gear reviewers state that its flexibility handles cracks well.
  • Despite having a lace-up closure, the shoe’s laces are very easy to adjust.
  • A frequent climber says that after using the Vapor Lace from Scarpa many times, it did not show any signs of wear.
  • A product tester testified that it gives him the confidence to send technical routes.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Based on a written review, the Scarpa Vapor Lace rock shoe is a bit pricey considering its overall climbing performance.
  • A displeased critic expresses disappointment when the shoe developed a funky odor after use.

Bottom line

Scarpa has a wide selection of impressive rock climbing shoes and the Vapor Lace is one of them. It delights climbers with its hooking precision, astounding flexibility, and outstanding comfort. It also proves its durability by being able to withstand countless use.

However, its reported cons include being expensive and stinky. With all that said, those who can forgive the Vapor Lace’s setbacks are still in for a treat.

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Good to know

  • The Scarpa Vapor Lace comes back with a sleeker look of the upper. Its rubber toe patch has been reinforced to provide extra rock adhesion. All of its eyelets are directly punched into the vamp, creating a sturdier closure system. The pull tabs are now colored differently to enhance aesthetics. 
  • Underfoot, it still carries the Bi-Tension Rand system (a feature also present in the Instinct from Scarpa) for optimal climbing performance. Its Vibram outsole, previously 4 mm thick, is now configured with 3.5 mm thickness only for increased sensitivity.

Downturn. The Vapor Lace is an asymmetrical and moderately downturned offering from Scarpa. Its slightly cambered design allows climbers to tackle almost all types of terrain.

Application. Scarpa markets the Vapor Lace as a technical trad shoe. It is equipped with features that provide stability and comfort. This all-around pair can be used bouldering, sport and face climbing.

The Vapor Lace caters to male and female climbers. The suede/synthetic upper of this rock shoe has a little give to it and will barely stretch. It has a lace-up closure that aids in the configuration of overall fit and volume. 

This shoe for rock climbing uses the FR last. This element gives the Vapor Lace a curved and asymmetric profile. The ladies’ version use the FRW last that yields a women’s specific fit.

Midsole. Providing a supportive platform is a 1 mm Flexan midsole. It renders a decent amount of flexibility that will allow climbers to slip into cracks. 

Outsole. The Vibram XS Edge (3.5 mm) outsole is developed to render optimal edging prowess. Its resistance to plastic distortion helps keep its shape and withstand abuse. It is formulated to work in both hot and cold temperatures.

The Vapor Lace wears a durable 1.8 mm microsuede. It employs a patent-pending feature, the Bi-Tension system. It is a reversed slingshot rand placed under the forefoot and is connected to the heel rand that pulls power from the toes. It uses less rubber, minimizing weight yet increasing sensitivity. 

The closure system employs a flat lace that goes through six pairs of punched eyelets. The pull tabs (with distinct colors) are placed at the heel to assist in donning and doffing

These two climb-centric offerings from Scarpa are engineered to give performance for various disciplines. Shown below are some of their qualities that differentiate these two products from one another.

Application. The Vapor V is designed by Scarpa to be used mainly for bouldering sessions, trad routes, and sport climbing. Its set of technologies also enables the shoe to be employed for overhanging terrain. Moreover, this Scarpa offering can be worn for both indoor sessions and outdoor climbs. Meanwhile, the Scarpa Vapor Lace, as stated above, is built for technical trad climbing. It can, however, be used for bouldering, face and sport climbing as well.

Closure. Scarpa’s Vapor V sports a Velcro closure system. Wearers may adjust the shoe’s fit until they can get a secure and personalized lockdown using its Velcro straps. The Vapor Lace’s closure, as the name suggests, consists of a traditional lacing system with 6 pairs of eyelets.

Downturn. Both the Scarpa Vapor Lace and Vapor V are built with a moderate downturn. This particular shoe shape enables climbers to gain a secure foothold on tiny nubbins and micro edges. It also provides senders with ample precision when tackling these climb-related challenges.

Upper. Scarpa equipped both the Vapor Lace and Vapor V with a 1.8mm-thick microsuede upper. Both also feature a rand wrapped around its lower section to give lateral protection. A secondary rand is also positioned on the heel zone for extra rearfoot support. The Vapor V’s toe box, however, has a protective covering, which gives added grip when toe hooking.


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