Who should buy Scarpa Ribelle Run

You should get it if you are looking for a shoe that can take you on technical ground with confidence, be it steep trails of rocks, grass, mud, or even on easy and mellow paths. No matter the pace, the Ribelle Run can be pushed whenever needed.

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Who should not buy it

The Ribelle run is not a good choice if you:

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Protective upper

Runners appreciated the upper of the Ribelle Run. One of them said it’s “protective, comfortable and gives you a lot of confidence.” It offers good abrasion resistance and a particularly well-made sock liner, that a tester said to be fantastic, which prevents debris from getting into the shoe. 

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Lace system locks your feet

The Ribelle Run has a lace system that is felt as “really secure,” and like a tester pointed out, “you can really hone in how tight or how loose you want the lace.” No issues with loosening up, either: your foot “will stay there,” and it “feels like you’ve got a tank on your foot,“ but in a good way.

Runners also appreciated that the shoe comes with an extra set of standard laces, for those who might not like the new system.

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Grip in the Ribelle Run: 9/10

Apart from deep mud, the Scarpa Ribelle Run has a fantastic grip on rocks, gravel, and grass, even when wet. One tester said that the “super gum is super impressive”, not only when going uphill (“lots of bite in the ups”), but also anywhere else: “really impressed with how the shoe builds on all terrain.” The landing was felt particularly secure by another runner: “when you put your foot down you feel like it’s going to stay there.”

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Ride is fantastic

There's not much flexibility, but there’s plenty of cushioning and the midsole, being of mid-density, feels perfectly balanced between firmness and softness. The stack height is modest and keeps runners close to the ground. The result is a ride that is smooth, precise (to quote an expert “shoe that reacts perfectly with your feet”), and has lots of protection. 

An experienced runner said it is “a cracking ride” and “running in it was absolutely fantastic."

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True all-rounders

Scarpa labeled the Ribelle Run as a short to medium-distance shoe, but those who tested it found out that, given the amount of protection and cushioning, they can go farther than that, even into the ultras territory. As a reviewer pointed out, they are not only “unashamedly technical shoes”, but also “superb all-rounders” and capable on a variety of terrain and a range of distances.

Scarpa Ribelle Run has the right weight

With its 10.5oz (298g) this shoe is right on the average weight for a trail running shoe. Only one reviewer felt it was slightly heavy. While another one said that you can “push them pretty damn hard for a shoe of that weight, and they’ll respond.”

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A durable Scarpa

A tester went as far as to say that this is “the most durable mountain trail and trail running shoe on the market, hands down.“ After lots of miles on rocks and hard terrain they “can’t believe it’s barely even got a scratch on it.”

Hard to get the right size

Fit is accommodating and suitable even for wide feet. However, getting the right size seems to be a little tricky, as two reviewers found that the shoe was a bit too large and had to size it down. This seems to be due also to half sizes not being available in the U.S.

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Cool design

Runners appreciated the design and colors of the Scarpa Ribelle Run: “seriously, seriously cool,” “a truly stunning looking shoe.”

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Weight: Men 10.6oz /
Drop: Men 4mm /
Arch support: Neutral
Forefoot height: Men 20.5mm /
Heel height: Men 24.5mm /

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Gabriele Zampieri

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