Scarpa Origin notable features

-The Scarpa Origin is a rock shoe built with the intention to encourage people to try and enjoy climbing. It is engineered extra comfortable thanks to its flat construction and leather upper.

-It comes equipped with a company-exclusive outsole called Vision for slip and skid resistance on a variety of surfaces. Underfoot support, on the other hand, comes from the Origin’s heavy-duty midsole.


Downturn. The Scarpa Origin is virtually a downturn-less product, making it a neutral rock climbing shoe. Its flat front end allows the foot to remain in a relaxed position, delivering all-day comfort as a result. Kicks of this type are ideal for multi-pitch ascents.

Applications. This beginner-friendly Scarpa shoe is designed for sport climbing and bouldering. It promises an all-around kind of performance, whether indoors or outdoors.


Scarpa’s Origin is a low-cut rock climbing shoe for both men and women. As it is built around the FF last, the shoe has a flat and slightly asymmetric interior which allows the foot to rest in it with as little tension as possible. Owners may customize its fit with the use of the Origin’s hook-and-loop strapping system.


Midsole. With the Scarpa Origin’s Flexan midsole, users can climb with enough support underfoot. This sturdy layer has an overall thickness of 1.9 mm.

Outsole. The shoe’s ability to stick to different types of surfaces, be they indoors or outdoors, comes from the Scarpa-owned Vision outsole. It is a rubberized component with a full-length construction. It is 5 mm in thickness.


The Scarpa Origin encases the foot in its 1.8-mm thick suede leather upper. Its interior comes without a liner. Protection from abrasive hazards and enhanced climbing security are promised by the rock shoe’s hardwearing rand. Its tongue is made of mesh which makes its interior extra breathable. Scarpa designers furnished it with two heel pull loops to help climbers get in and out of the shoe with relative ease.

Two adjustable straps make up the Origin’s closure system. Both of these straps are engineered with Velcro (hook-and-loop) fasteners.

Scarpa Origin vs. Force V

The Origin is one of Scarpa’s high-quality neutral rock climbing kicks whose ball game pretty much revolves around extended comfort. That said, so is the Force V, another promising camber-less shoe from Scarpa. Though the two offerings have similarities—toe profile being one of them—it is what sets them apart that can help consumers in deciding which to get and which to ignore. The points that follow will discuss some of their differences.

Price tag. The Scarpa Origin is the clear winner in this round. Case in point: It is approximately $45 cheaper than the Force V.

Weight. If you are a climber who prefers to ascend with as little encumbrance as possible, go with the Origin. Yes, the featured rock climbing shoe is lighter than the Scarpa Force V by roughly 35 g.

Outsole technology. The Force V is equipped with the Vibram XS Edge outsole. The Origin, on the other hand, comes built with Scarpa’s Vision rubber outsole. Between the two outsoles, the one from Vibram is thinner by 1 mm.

Midsole. Both rock climbing shoes in this comparison are armed with the same Flexan midsole. That said, the one seen in the Force V is 0.9 mm thinner than the midsole of the Scarpa Origin.

Upper. The Scarpa Origin and its rival both have suede leather uppers at 1.8 mm thick. Between the two, however, only the Force V has a lined interior.

Frequently asked questions about the Scarpa Origin

Does the Scarpa Origin last a long time?

The answer to this question depends largely on how often you use the shoe. Repeated use of the Origin may lead to wear and tear, but mostly around the sole unit.

Is the Scarpa Origin resole-friendly?

Scarpa climbing shoes can be resoled for a fee. You may have a qualified cobbler do it for you, or you may send your pair directly to Scarpa for a resole.


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Top 16% indoor climbing shoes
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