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Cutting through the trail and base-mountain terrain is business as usual for the Mescalito TRK GTX from Scarpa. You'll inevitably be left in awe by its prowess on both day hikes and backpacking adventures. While not budget-friendly by any means, this stout weatherproof hiker will exceed your expectations in both performance and form.


  • Hotspot-free comfort
  • Extra sticky on descents
  • Mighty stable
  • Remarkable waterproofing
  • Smooth on and off
  • Roomy toe box
  • Magnetic looks


  • Frail top lace hooks
  • Expensive

Who should buy the Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX

The tamer of tough trails is the Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX. Buy it if:

  • You're looking for hiking boots that are easy to slip in and out of.
  • Backpacking boots that give your toes extra breathing space are what you need.
  • On your adventures, you deal with slippery or soft-soiled slopes more often than not.

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX buya

Who should not buy it

If you're unsure about the featured boot's eyelet durability, you're better off with the Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX. And if budget-friendliness is what you're after, skip the Mescalito TRK GTX ($299) for the Salomon Quest 4 GTX ($230).

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX no

Comfortable without a doubt

Reviewers praise the comfiness of the Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX. A professional among them says that it's "very comfortable for long trekking." A long-time trail-goer says that the boot's plushness yields "zero hotspots." Yet another reviewer calls it "the most cushy hiking boot I've worn."

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX comf

The grip-tastic Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX

On the adhesion front, the Mescalito TRK GTX is remarkable. "This brakes really nicely," says an expert about the boot's tenacity on inclines. A non-professional reviewer is impressed with the shoe's Vibram outsole, saying that it gives him "super confidence on every surface."

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX grip

Makes uneven terrain feel level

Steady rides await those who would jump on the Mescalito TRK GTX bandwagon. A seasoned hiker-slash-vlogger hails the boot as "a very stable platform."

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX stab

Mescalito TRK GTX equals watertight

This backpacking boot delivers excellent moisture protection thanks to its GTX-infused bootie. It's "100% waterproof," says a gear maven.

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX try

Wanted: Sturdier eyelets

The Mescalito TRK GTX's top eyelets or hooks aren't as tough as they should be, according to a trail-goer. They broke on him twice—one on the first pair he ordered and another on the replacement shoe.

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX hooks

Takes the W in terms of style

Aesthetically, the Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX is a thing of grounded beauty.  Two of the best remarks about this are "fresh technical look" and "the looks are gorgeous."

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX style

No packed toes in the Mescalito TRK GTX

There are those who deeply appreciate the featured kick's roominess around the forefoot. A gear pundit among them calls its fit more European than Italian, meaning it gives toes extra wiggle room, which is a definite plus.

Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX roomy

Not exactly an affordable pair

Just a dollar shy of having a list price of $300, the Scarpa Mescalito TRK GTX hides behind a rather face-melting MSRP. Case in point: it's $39 pricier than the average.

Wear it in an instant

Unlike most high-top hiking boots, the Mescalito TRK GTX is quite easy to put on and remove. This characteristic is thanks to the shoe's wide opening and ergonomically placed heel loop.