Who should buy the Scarpa Manta Tech GTX

With its insulated construction, wearing the Manta Tech GTX translates to ascending in sheer comfort minus the cold feet. It's for you if:

  • You need a single mountaineering boot that provides a snug-but-non-restrictive fit.
  • Durability and protection, in the form of a full randing, is what you're after.
  • The routes you take have slushy parts.
  • Most of your crampons are semi-automatic, a.k.a. C2 crampons.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX buy

Who should NOT buy it

Trade the featured boot for the Scarpa Zodiac Tech GTX if you prefer a lighter B2 mountaineering pair. Also, if you're looking for a shoe with no reported breathability issues, check out the Scarpa Charmoz.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX breathe

Manta Tech GTX: What losing the “Pro” in its name means

To be precise, the boot in question lost “Pro” for “Tech.” With this slight name update comes several changes, the highlights of which are as follows:

Insulation. This is, arguably, the Manta Tech GTX’s biggest change from its predecessor. The culprit here is Gore-Tex’s insulated liner, which provides both warmth and waterproofing.

Less stitching. They say that the more movable parts an object has, the easier it is to break. In footwear, however, we are looking at stitching, which Scarpa engineers have streamlined in the Manta Tech GTX. Translation: less stitching = longer lifespan.

Enhanced lacing. The Manta Tech GTX now has a pair of open eyelets at its ankle flex point, allowing for quicker lace-ups and individual tightness for the boot’s instep and shaft.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX upd

No ankle wobble in the Manta Tech GTX

Critics agree that the Scarpa Manta Tech GTX has a flexible yet mighty secure collar.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX wobble

A spacious toe box

This offering has enough wiggle room around the toes, according to professional reviewers.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX toe

The Scarpa Manta Tech GTX's dreamy confines

Its high level of comfort is one of the Manta Tech GTX's strongest links, professional bloggers say.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX comf

Could be lighter

Experienced mountaineers-slash-bloggers find this Scarpa boot a little on the heavy side. Based on data, the Manta Tech GTX per boot is about 120 g heavier than the average weight of B2 mountaineering boots.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX heavy

Extraordinary toughness

Experts are impressed with the Manta Tech GTX’s incredible durability.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX dura

Your portable campfire

“Snow is what it does best,” is how a gear pundit refers to this insulated mountaineering boot.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX cozy

Among the budget-friendlier mountaineering kicks

Critics say that, compared with most mountaineering boots, the Manta Tech GTX is quite affordable. Case in point: it's about $100 cheaper than the average.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX grip

Can give you sweaty feet

According to a gear maven, the Manta Tech GTX could use a bit more breathability.

Repels wetness like a boss

Testers and experienced mountaineers find this boot remarkably waterproof. Melted snow doesn't seep into its confines at all.

Scarpa Manta Tech GTX vs. Charmoz

Given that mountaineering boots can be quite expensive, climbers are compelled to compare kicks before locking in a purchase. Speaking of comparisons, one of the Manta Tech GTX’s popular rivals is the Charmoz—another high-quality Scarpa piece. Find out their main differences below.

  • Between the two, only the Manta Tech GTX has proper insulation.
  • When it comes to fit, the featured boot is roomier, while the Scarpa Charmoz caters to mountaineers with narrow feet.
  • The Manta Tech GTX’s competition has considerably more vent ports, making it a more breathable option.
  • The Charmoz is less expensive than its rival by approximately $25.

Takeaway: Scarpa’s Manta Tech GTX is clearly the one to bring along in low-temperature alpine pursuits. If your ascents take place mostly in humid locations, stick with the Charmoz.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 30.3oz / Women 27.5oz
Use: Snow
Cut: High cut
Features: Insulated, Single, Lace-to-toe / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Scarpa

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