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7 reasons to buy

  • Gear authorities who have made in-depth Scarpa Instinct SR reviews swear by the stickiness of the shoe’s Vibram outsole.
  • This incredible climb-exclusive piece is superbly sensitive, say professional footwear pundits who have tried it.
  • Bloggers who have climbed in the Instinct SR multiple times find it remarkably comfortable.
  • When it comes to bouldering prowess, this climbing shoe from Scarpa is outstanding, according to some of those who have purchased it.
  • The Scarpa Instinct SR heel hooks like a champ, says a professional tester who has climbed in it several times.
  • Its break-in period is rather quick, according to a gear pundit who has bought it.
  • An expert who has put the shoe through its paces loves its overall lightness.

1 reason not to buy

  • Some of those who have tried the Scarpa Instinct SR have qualms about the shoe’s lack of adjustability.

Bottom line

Fanatics of the climb had better prepare for what the Scarpa Instinct SR has up its sleeves. Indeed, owning one means being in a piece in which surface traction, comfort, and sensitivity come in heaps. Donning this bouldering wonder also translates to ascents where heel hooking virtually becomes cake walk.

Those who value fit adjustments, however, might find this offering a complete letdown. Nonetheless, the Instinct SR has all the right trappings to be the next wish list item of many.

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Good to know

-The Scarpa Instinct SR, the slip-on version of the Instinct, is an offering engineered for climbers needing enhanced underfoot sensitivity. Its engineers designed it for steep ascents, where heel- and toe-hooking maneuvers are much needed.

-It is built with the Bi-Tension active randing system. This Scarpa-exclusive technology primarily reinforces the toe and arch zones, giving the shoe adequate flexibility and tension at the same time.

Downturn. The Instinct SR is part of Scarpa’s selection of moderately downturned climbing kicks. Its beak of a front tip promises precise footing on narrow ledges and micro-edges. It offers sufficient comfort on extended technical climbs.

Applications. This all-around performer from Scarpa is built specifically for bouldering. It is targeted at intermediate climbers who prefer to send projects indoors.

Scarpa’s Instinct SR is a low-top climbing shoe for men. Its multi-panel construction molds to the contours of the wearer’s foot, leading to an intimate kind of fit with time. Climbers can achieve a secure lockdown in it using the shoe’s REB reinforced elastic closure.

Midsole. The Instinct SR gets to support the user’s foot thanks to its heavy-duty midsole, called Flexan. It has an overall thickness of 1 millimeter. Scarpa engineers strategically placed it in the front to give wearers ample flexibility without compromising power transfer.

Outsole. Giving climbers the right amount of surface grip in this Scarpa shoe is a rubber outsole from Vibram, called XS Grip 2. Its thickness is 3.5 millimeters. It has a ¾ coverage, starting from the arch to the front tip of the shoe. The heel portion, on the other hand, is built with M50 rubber for enhanced heel-hooking performance.

The below-the-ankle upper of the Scarpa Instinct SR climbing shoe is made of microfiber. It has a supportive single-piece rand reinforcing its arch and toe regions. Its designers furnished its toe box with M50 rubber to give users ample grip and security when toe hooking. This covering is also perforated for versatility.

Since this is a slipper-type shoe, it relies on its highly elastic collar and instep zone to keep the foot firmly in place. It has a total of three pull loops to expedite on and off.

These kicks are designed by Scarpa to give performance in various climbing disciplines. Shown below are several factors that differentiate these two products apart.

Downturn. The Scarpa Instinct VS sports a moderately-downturned shape. This downward camber enables senders to tackle multi-pitch routes with ample comfort. Meanwhile, the Instinct SR’s downturn details can be seen in the Profile section.

Applications. The Instinct VS is crafted by Scarpa for sport climbing and outdoor bouldering.It is also equipped with features that provide performance for vertical routes and overhangs. The Scarpa Instinct SR, on the other hand, is ideal for bouldering indoors.

Upper. Scarpa equipped the Instinct VS with an unlined upper made of microsuede. A rand wraps around the upper’s base for protection from abrasive elements. It also gives individuals added climbing security. Meanwhile, the shoe comes with a Velcro closure system to render a secure lockdown. On the other hand, the Scarpa Instinct SR is a slip-on shoe made of unlined microfiber uppers.

Midsole. The Instinct VS sports a 1mm-thick Flexan midsole. It functions by providing senders with sufficient support when tackling tiny footholds and tricky pockets. The brand also furnished the Instinct SR with the same midsole technology to render a stable platform.

Outsole. Scarpa’s Instinct VS comes with a hybrid design for its outsole. The forefoot is made of 3.5mm-thick XS Edge. The heel section uses an XS Grip 2 construction with a 2mm thickness. This component is engineered to deliver surface traction on rocky terrain. The Scarpa Instinct SR’s Vibram outsole, as seen in the Performance section, has a thickness of 3.5 mm.

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