Scarpa Furia Air notable features

-The Scarpa Furia Air is built extra sensitive to deliver enhanced climbing precision. Its engineering gives it lightweight performance, allowing wearers to tackle projects with as little constraint as possible.

-It is a highly perforated shoe, promising to keep the foot ventilated with every step. It also comes with a sticky outsole from Vibram for surface grip.

-This is one of Scarpa’s vegan-friendly climbing shoes. Products considered vegan-friendly are those constructed devoid of any animal substance.


Downturn. The Furia Air is among Scarpa’s roster of aggressive rock climbing kicks. The amount of downturn it has (high) renders the shoe capable of gaining purchase on tiny holds without requiring too much effort from the climber. As it forces the foot to be in a curled position, this aggressively downturned shoe is recommended mostly for single-pitch projects.

Applications. This indoor/outdoor Scarpa rock shoe is made primarily for trad and sport climbing. Its designers armed it with features that grant it the ability to deal with overhanging terrain and vertical faces alike. It is also an adequate tool for ascending cracks


The Furia Air is a rock climbing shoe with a low-cut ankle cuff. It is a unisex gear, which may require female patrons to go down a full size. It might stretch only a little, or not at all, with its all-synthetic construction. Its interior is highly asymmetric (thanks to the FZ last), requiring the foot to bend inward. It has a kind of liner around the toe area that conforms to the shape of the wearer’s forefoot. Climbers can customize its fit using the shoe’s Velcro closure.


Midsole. The Scarpa Furia Air supplies its owners with enough support in certain situations with its Flexan midsole. It has a thickness of 1 mm.

Outsole. This climb-specific piece uses a Vibram outsole called XS Grip 2 to help users reach heights with the right amount of slip resistance underfoot. The science behind its construction gives it vibration-damping and shock-absorbing capabilities. It is 3.5 mm in thickness.


The Furia Air by Scarpa houses the foot in its below-the-ankle synthetic upper. Its fuzzy parts are made of microsuede. It comes with a forefoot-conforming synthetic liner courtesy of Alcantara. Scarpa engineers reinforced its toe box with a heavy-duty rand to give climbers a combination of protection and traction when toe hooking. A similar covering is found around the rear end of the shoe to provide additional heel-hooking security.

It uses a single strap engineered with hook-and-loop pads to secure the foot in place. This strap is set through a pair of sturdy buckles made of hard plastic. Two pull loops are attached to the shoe’s heel to facilitate on and off.

Scarpa Furia Air vs. Furia S

Climbing shoes produced by Scarpa are known for their quality. As such, most of their rock climbing pieces are pitted against other shoes for comparison. In the case of the Furia Air, it is in its sibling—the Furia S—where it finds competition. These two offerings are quite similar in certain aspects that knowing which one to get and which one to ignore can be a challenge. Thankfully, some things set them apart, and they are as follows:

Weight. Those who like to speed through a problem might find the Furia Air the better shoe in this regard. Yes, the featured gear is lighter than the Scarpa Furia S by approximately 70 g.

Perforations. Almost every inch of the Scarpa Furia Air is built with breathable holes. The competition, on the other hand, is mostly perforated almost exclusively around the top of the instep.

Toe rand. On this front, the Furia S bags the crown. Indeed, not only does it have a reinforced toe box, but it also has a rand around the inner instep of the upper.

Utility. Both climbing shoes in this comparison may be used for sport climbs. That said, the Furia S is mainly intended for bouldering projects, while the Furia Air for traditional climbing problems.

Newness. The Furia Air has an advantage here, as it has been released sometime in 2019. Its rival, on the other hand, was first launched in 2018.


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