Who should buy the Scarpa Force V

With its neutral, camber-less profile and mildly asymmetric shape, the Force V revels in its "all-day wear" status. It's for you if:

  • You're looking for a pair that's quite comfy at the onset.
  • Shoes that can easily stick to ledges are what you need.
  • You're ready to invest in a premium beginner shoe that lasts longer than others.
  • You need something quite responsive, whether on rock or plastic.

Scarpa Force V A

Who should not buy it

With no comments or reports about its liner being a sweat sponge, the Scarpa Helix is a nice replacement for the Force V. Also, check out the Scarpa Origin instead if you're quite worried about the stretchiness of the featured shoe.

Scarpa Force V B2

Super comfy from the get-go

Experts say the Scarpa Force V provides day-one comfort. They can go on for hours and in between climbs without taking off the shoe.

Scarpa Force V C

Responsive ascents

Scores of buyers say that they like the sensitivity of the Force V, making them feel more in control of every foothold as a result.

Scarpa Force V sensitive

The Scarpa Force V's lizard-like tenacity

The Force V's outsole is incredibly sticky, an abundance of testers say. Smearing should be an easy feat in this climbing shoe.

Scarpa Force V F

Locks in sweat

There are those who say that the shoe's liner absorbs sweat pretty readily. This poses two problems: (1) it can make the shoe heavy, and (2) it can lead to smelly feet.

Scarpa Force V sweat

An ally to beginners

To critics, the Force V from Scarpa is a superb pair of beginner climbing shoes. Its just-right stiffness and downturn-free construction are the main culprits in this regard.

Scarpa Force V nodown

Built to endure

This climbing shoe from Scarpa delights with its extraordinary durability. While it's not resolable, the Force V's outsole is thicker and tougher than most.

Scarpa Force V mighty

The Force V equals floppy confines

 It has been reported that the Scarpa Force V stretches to the point of sloppiness.

Scarpa Force V J1

A compelling investment

Verified purchasers say that the Force V's capabilities far outweigh its rather high asking price.

Scarpa Force V L

Scarpa Force V vs. Origin

The Scarpa Force V and the Origin are just two of the many high-quality rock shoes Scarpa has on offer. The section below lists some of their differences and similarities.

Profile. Both these Scarpa rock climbing shoes have a neutral profile. Their flat design makes them ideal for those who are just starting out in the sport.

Price. Scarpa’s Origin is the clear winner in affordability. Case in point: it is approximately less expensive than the Force V by roughly $45.

Midsole. The Force V from Scarpa uses a 1 mm midsole, while the Origin has a 1.9 mm midsole. The former leaves the featured shoe with more flexibility, while the latter gives the Origin extra overall support.

Outsole. The Origin carries a 5 mm Vision Rubber outsole. This is a proprietary compound that highlights resilience. On the other hand, the Force V is made of a 4-mm Vibram XS Edge outsole, which excels on rocky (outdoor) surfaces.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 9.2oz / Women 8.5oz
Construction: Slip lasted
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Comfort fit
Downturn: Neutral
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Leather, Vibram

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Teddy Dondanville
Teddy Dondanville

Teddy is a professionally trained Apprentice Rock Guide with the American Mountain Guides Association and a Wilderness First Responder with the National Outdoor Leadership School. Besides guiding outdoor rock climbing, Teddy also has years of experience in route setting and coaching climbing indoors. Through his guiding, route setting, and coaching, Teddy has experimented with climbing shoes for over a decade.