65 users: 4.3 / 5
12 experts: 91 / 100
Weight: Men 8.8oz
Construction: Slip lasted
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit

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7 reasons to buy

  • Droves of users who have tried the Scarpa Boostic climbing shoe say that its edging performance is nothing short of fantastic.
  • Its support system is phenomenal, say footwear critics who have reviewed it.
  • Several climbers who have bought this rock shoe from Scarpa have nothing but good things to say about its sensitivity.
  • The Boostic fits like a glove, say some of those who have bought it.
  • An expert who has put this remarkable rock climbing shoe through the wringer adores its lasting durability.
  • It handles pockets incredibly well, says a professional blogger who has climbed in it multiple times.
  • The Scarpa Boostic has plenty of grip, say a few of those who have tried it.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Gear authorities who have purchased the shoe are not fans of its priciness.
  • It takes time to soften up completely, claim about a handful of those who have tested it.

Bottom line

Senders who need a shoe in which they can scale challenging routes with astonishing edging prowess might find one in the Boostic. Those who require a great-fitting pair—one that has A-grade support and sensitivity—might also find it in this Scarpa offering.

That said, it comes at a price that folks who love budget-friendly climbing shoes will probably detest right off the bat. Nevertheless, where performance is the top priority, owning the Scarpa Boostic is an excellent idea.

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-Dubbed by Scarpa as the most supportive climbing shoe in their specialized performance line-up, the Boostic promises enhanced edging capabilities on highly technical routes. It is designed to provide climbers with surefootedness over tiny holds.

-Hidden in plain sight is the Scarpa-exclusive V-Tension system. This technology clasps the underside of the Boostic, bolstering its supportiveness as a result. It works in conjunction with the shoe’s outsole in giving send fanatics a sturdy platform.

Downturn. The Scarpa Boostic is a moderately downturned rock climbing shoe. The semi-pointed construction of its toe zone gives wearers precise footing over edges and other mountable projections.

Applications. This climb-focused piece from Scarpa is built to send bouldering and sport climbing projects. Its engineering renders it capable of scaling face routes. It may be used both indoors and outdoors.

Scarpa’s Boostic is a low-cut climbing shoe for men. Users may get a customized lockdown in it thanks to the shoe’s Velcro closure which is made up of two adjustable straps, both of which are built with hook-and-loop fasteners. This moderately down-cambered rock shoe has double the pull tabs for easy on and off. With an asymmetric shape, a curved interior is expected.

Midsole. Responsible for granting climbers sufficient support in the Scarpa Boostic is the rock shoe’s Flexan midsole. This adequately rigid layer has an overall thickness of 1 mm.

Outsole. A full-length Vibram outsole called XS Edge is what produces ample surface traction in the Boostic. Out of the box, it has a thickness of 4 mm. It has just the right amount of firmness to improve the wearer’s edging game.

The 1.8-mm low-top upper of the Scarpa Boostic climbing shoe is made with a combination of genuine suede leather and microsuede (synthetic). Its inner walls are unlined. It comes with a long-wearing rand which enables senders to climb with extra security and protection. The shoe’s engineers gave it a heavy-duty toe patch (that textured covering bearing the Scarpa logo) to provide users with extra slip and skid resistance when toe hooking.

The Boostic is one such rock shoe from Scarpa that is often placed in comparison with other climbing kicks on the market. In this head-to-head, the featured piece has competition in the Scarpa Instinct VS. These two offerings from the same brand are both members of the “moderately downturned” family with a couple of other similarities. That said, you are in this to know the things that set them apart. The points that follow will give you a better idea of their differences.

Outsole. The Scarpa Boostic, as discussed previously, uses the full-length XS Edge outsole courtesy of Vibram. The competition, on the other hand, comes in two Vibram outsoles—the one at the forefoot is XS Edge, while the one at the heel is XS Grip 2. These two components are 3 mm and 2mm in thickness, respectively.

Price tag. If spending less is one of your life’s proverbs, the Instinct VS just might be the more appealing footwear product for you. Yes, this climber’s shoe is cheaper than the Boostic by about $5. Do you need a pair that is far less expensive? Check out some of the budget-friendliest rock climbing shoes featured on this site.

Weight. The Scarpa Instinct VS wins this round by being approximately 10 g lighter than the Boostic.

Upper material. Although both rock climbing shoes in this comparison have unlined low-cut uppers, only the one in the Boostic is a hybrid of genuine leather and synthetic fabric. The upper of the Instinct VS, on the other hand, is purely synthetic.

Lockdown system. The featured rock shoe and its competitor share the same Velcro closure system. That said, the Boostic has two adjustable straps, whereas the Scarpa Instinct VS only has one.

Target environment. The Scarpa Boostic is a piece that can be used indoors as well as outdoors, while the Instinct VS is intended primarily for outdoor use.

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