Scarpa Boostic updates

Revamped for the current market, the Boostic provides the ability to efficiently send routes of the vertical sort. Some of its notable improvements are as follows:

From moderate to aggressive. The new and improved Boostic sheds its moderate downturn for a fully downward camber. With its supercharged hook-like forefoot, you can make more precise foot placements on micro-edges.

Less weight. Compared with its former self, the Scarpa Boostic is about 40 g lighter, allowing for faster ascents like never before.

Streamlined outsole. Its outsole is now 0.5 mm thinner than the previous build’s. This translates to enhanced sensitivity underfoot on top of maximal grip.

Scarpa Boostic vs. Vapor V

It is not uncommon for two Scarpa kicks to be put in comparison. After all, competition is healthy, they say. In this friendly head-to-head, the Boostic sees a rival in the Vapor V. Listed below are a few of the areas in which they differ:

Downturn. The Boostic’s camber is aggressive, while the Scarpa Vapor V’s moderate.

Midsole thickness. The featured shoe’s midsole is thinner than the Vapor V’s by approximately 0.4 mm.

Lightness. Between the two climbing shoes, the Boostic is lighter by about 10 g a pair.

Takeaway: For projects that require extra support, where you deal with regular-size ledges often, the Vapor V is a decent choice. On the other hand, opt for the Boostic if you need something more sensitive and focused around the toe zone.


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