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7 reasons to buy

  • A breathable fabric in the form of the Open Mesh in the Xodus 6 makes up the upper unit of the Xodus 6.
  • A support strap that’s located inside the shoe helps to keep the foot locked down, according to some reviews.
  • Many runners welcomed the inclusion of protective components, which efficiently shields the foot from debris.
  • The Powergrid is the mid-sole unit of the Xodus 6, which is durable and offers responsive cushioning.
  • The External Bedrock Outsole found in between the outsole and mid-sole shields the underside of the foot from any rocks or jagged surfaces.
  • The Vibram XS-Trek Outsole maintains a durable and reliable external platform that efficiently protects the shoe and gives it more traction.
  • Many reviewers enjoyed the color options and design schemes that come with this model.

4 reasons not to buy

  • The stitching on this shoe irritated the skin of some runners who tried it.
  • It has a slightly expensive price.
  • Its weight is moderately heavy.
  • Other runners felt that the tongue and collar rubbed against their feet, making it painful to wear it without socks.

Bottom line

The Saucony Xodus 6 is a robust trail running shoe that engages runners to perform more confidently on the off-road paths. Several users admired its performance and design. The Xodus 6 is strong enough to be able to carry runners through soft surfaces and rough terrain.

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Good to know

  • The 6th version of the Xodus from Saucony features a higher volume design than the Xodus 5. The forefoot area is noticeably wider this time around, giving space for the toes to naturally splay when wearing it. The mid-foot area has also been raised, essentially allowing various foot sizes to fit inside without any problems. The rear section, including the collar, is still low-cut, making it easier have natural movements of the joints and tendons.
  • The sole unit is thicker for this version. The POWERGRID foam technology was generously applied to this shoe, helping the runner in getting a comfortable and well-balanced underfoot platform.
  • The overlay system has been welded onto the mesh material, making the upper a singular unit that’s free from additional layers and stitching. They efficiently wrap the foot in a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • A plate has been added to the sole unit in order to protect the foot from the harsh environments. It’s essentially a shield that works against debris and jagged surfaces that may be encountered on the unpredictable terrain.

The Saucony Xodus 6 has a standard running shoe length. It comes in a variety of sizes that follow the regular measurements. The semi-curved construction helps the natural shape of the foot to fit easily without feeling any discomfort. The forefoot, mid-foot and heel areas have medium volumes, making the fit snug yet accommodating for many types of feet.

The Vibram® XS-Trek is a high quality material that offers durable protection to the sole unit. The aggressive pattern on this layer lets it provide optimum traction over a variety of surface conditions, even wet ones.

The External Bedrock Outsole or EBO is a plate that’s put in between the outsole and the mid-sole. It’s a sturdy material that’s meant to provide protection for the foot when it comes to debris and sharp objects on the terrain. It can handle jagged rocks and other pointy objects.

The mid-sole unit features the POWERGRID system. This technology helps to center the foot while absorbing impact when landing on the ground & providing a well-energized step. It has a mildly springy nature, thus making each transition from the heel to the toe smoother and more responsive. It is a lightweight material, but it provides 20% more cushioning than most mid-sole foams.

The Open Mesh makes up the entire upper fabric system. It’s breathable, flexible and soft. It’s a reliable unit that keeps the foot cool and dry throughout every trek. The RUNDRY Collar Lining makes sure that the heel is secure. It has moisture-wicking mechanics, thus keeping the inner lining dry.

The Flex Film Overlays have been welded onto the fabrics of the upper. It’s a way to reduce seams, stitching and any unnecessary layers that might make the upper unit stiff and unwieldy. A singular upper unit offers flexibility while retaining security and responsiveness.

The Gusseted Tongue and the Molded Toe Shell protect the foot from debris. Rocks and other environmental clutter may try to hit the shoe or enter it; these add-ons prevent that from happing, thus making the runner feel more confident and secure throughout every adventure.

The ComfortLite Sock Liner is a molded insole that follows the contours of the foot. Having such a quality lets it support the heel and the arch well as it molds itself to the specific shape of the wearer’s foot.


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