Arch support
M: 184g | W: 170g
Heel to toe drop
M: 0.0mm | W: 0.0mm
Heel height
M: 18mm | W: 18mm
Forefoot height
M: 18mm | W: 18mm
Widths available
M: Normal - D | W: Normal - B
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Shoes best for road, track and light gravel. See the best road shoes.


Shoes best for trail, off road, mountains and other unstable surfaces. See the best trail shoes.

Good to know

As long as you stick to the road or path, and if you want just one running shoe, buy a road running shoe.

Neutral / cushion / high arch

Shoes for runners who does not need any additional arch support (Around 50% of runners). Best for people with high or medium high arches. See the best neutral shoes.

Stability / overpronation / normal arch

Shoes for runners who needs arch support (Around 45% of runners). Best for runners with a normal arch. See the best stability shoes.

Motion control / severe overproanation / flat feet

Shoes for runners who needs a lot of arch support. Best for runners with flat feet. See the best motion control shoes.

Good to know

- Rule of thumb: If in doubt, buy neutral shoes to avoid injuries.
- More about arch support in this video.
- Find your arch type by following steps from this video.

Daily running

Cushioned shoes for your daily easy running. Great comfort. See best shoes for daily running.


Lightweight shoes good for races, interval training, tempo runs and fartlek. Here are the best competition running shoes.

Good to know

If you want just one pair of shoes, buy a shoe for daily running.

The height difference from the heel to the forefoot, also known as heel drop, toe spring, heel to toe spring or simply drop.

There are many opinions about what a good heel drop is. We do not recommend any in particular. Lean more in this video.


We spent 9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

7 reasons to buy

  • The quick-drying mono mesh wicks off moisture while maintaining a well-ventilated environment for the foot noted several runners.

  • The interior bootie construction of the Virrata 2 makes the fit sock-like, thus enabling a more comfortable wearing experience, according to some testers.

  • The added heel support was welcomed by many runners because it helped them secure their feet more responsibly.

  • Some reviewers appreciated the lightweight nature of this running shoe.

  • The Ethylene vinyl acetate compound that’s used in the mid-sole is 18mm thick and very capable when it comes to providing great underfoot cushioning.

  • Better range of motion of the foot is given by a flexible platform.

  • The 2nd version of the Virrata has an affordable price.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The toe box of this update is narrow.

  • There were testers who noted that it wasn’t as resistant to the elements such as water or dirt.

  • Some runners felt that it was one size too small for them.

Bottom line

The Virrata 2 from Saucony offers service that is dependable to runners who need flexibility, a bit of arch support, and responsive underfoot protection. It’s a daily shoe for neutral runners who want a quality shoe for trainings.

World wide, Virrata 2 is in the top 50% most popular running shoes. The brand, Saucony, is the 6th most popular.

Map: Shows popularity per continent based on 1010 shoes


4.4 / 5 based on 314 ratings

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88 / 100 based on 36 expert reviews

  • 91
    Brandon WoodLevel 5 expert
    by Gearist
    This is a great companion shoe to something like the Kinvara and I can see a lot of people who’ve tried to get their drop to zero really enjoying the ride and feel of this shoe.
  • 89
    Peter LarsonLevel 5 expert
    by Runblogger
    I’ve really enjoyed running in the Saucony Virrata over the past few months. As a fan of the Kinvara, this shoe feels like a close, zero drop cousin with better cushioning under the forefoot. All good things. 
  • 86
    Running TimesLevel 5 expert
    by Running Times
    Saucony's Virrata holds a unique position in the shoe world, "a minimalist shoe with maximalist cushion,"
  • 82
    Brandon WoodLevel 5 expert
    by Gearist
    This shoe offers great ground feel while simultaneously not making the foot hyper-aware of every grain of sand or pebble on the road.
  • 70
    Runner's WorldLevel 5 expert
    by Runner's World
    The shoe encouraged a mid- or forefoot strike, and the outsole traction was deemed sufficient for light trail running.
  • 99
    MeaghanLevel 4 expert
    by Believe in the Run
    It contains nothing but the essentials; perfectly simplistic.
  • 93
    Believe in the RunLevel 4 expert
    by Believe in the Run
    More flexible and lighter than the Kinvara, more cushioning than the A5—sounded perfect—like the holy grail of marathon shoes. Sadly, it just didn’t fit me that well.
  • 90
    ThomasLevel 4 expert
    by Believe In The Run
    I saw that Road Runner Sports called the Virrata a “Bare Foot” shoe. I almost laughed. This shoe is very similar to a stripped down Kinvara.
  • 84
    Running CompetitorLevel 4 expert
    by Running Competitor
    Our testers universally liked this shoe, even though a few admitted the zero-drop profile was too little for their running needs.
  • 99
    Brian O'ConnorLevel 3 expert
    by Running Shoes Guru
    With a cushioned but slimly-designed sole, a dual-layer mesh upper, and a lightweight feel, the Virrata is a shoe which provides a bit of softness in a category not typically known for anything but outsole-rubber protection.
  • 99
    JennyLevel 3 expert
    by Believe in the Run
    I freaking love this shoe. In an age of lower drop shoes, the Virrata is my choice–even at a ~0mm drop, my body doesn’t feel wrecked after taking ‘em out for a spin.
  • 96
    Jonathan SavageLevel 3 expert
    by Fellrnr
    I've been impressed with the level of comfort the Virrata provides, and I highly recommend it.
  • 88
    Zachary RodastiLevel 3 expert
    by Active Gear Review
    What I liked about the Virrata is that the shoe actually felt more comfortable on firmer surfaces. The cushioning actually felt a bit much when running on a plush surface, and seemed truly at home with firm terrain under foot.
  • 88
    Greg JubbLevel 3 expert
    by Holabird Sports
    For my running brethren who aren’t quite at peace with striding full-time in natural or minimalist shoes, I’d feel very comfortable recommending these.
  • 86
    Competitor RunningLevel 3 expert
    by Competitor Running
    Sublime. For a shoe with a modern low-angle geometry, it has a smooth, soft and nimble interaction with the ground.
  • 86
    SteinLevel 3 expert
    by Believe in the Run
    With minor updates, Saucony has produced another shoe that’s great for daily training runs. They are also light enough and offer enough protection for both short and long distance road racing.
  • 86
    Zachary RodastiLevel 3 expert
    by Active Gear Review
    The Saucony Virrata combines lightweight, even cushioning with industry leading durability - it's fast feeling and lightweight with a race inspired set, but comfortable enough for the long haul.
  • 79
    Ethan NewberryLevel 3 expert
    by Ginger Runner
    In the end, I appreciate Saucony’s attempt to bring us a zero-drop cushioned shoe, but I don’t think they knocked it out of the park with the Viratta.
  • 92
    CharlesLevel 2 expert
    by Gear Selected
    The sole is a strange beast. It has triangular shaped lugs that allow it to flex and bend in all directions. This does an amazing job of letting the foot map to surfaces
  • 84
    Trail Runner NationLevel 2 expert
    by Trail Runner Nation
    I would call it a shoe with a better than average gusseted tongue. The shoe fit just right and not too snug.
  • 83
    Stride LongleyLevel 2 expert
    by Marathon Sports
    Due to its exposed outsole and yoga-like flexibility, its life expectancy is somewhere at the bottom end of the normal range of 300-500 miles.
  • 96
    LindsayLevel 1 expert
    by Cotter Crunch
    After a week of trying out the Virratas, I switched back to my other running shoes to see if there was a huge difference. Yes, there was, and yes, it was HUGE!
  • 93
    Vita RunnerLevel 1 expert
    by Vita Runner
    I was struck at how light the shoe felt, and found it reasonably flexible despite a rather thick midsole and the mesh upper attracted me. 
  • 92
    PresleyLevel 1 expert
    by Run Pretty
    It felt like my shoes were grabbing my feet and helping them land.
  • 90
    Ashley MassisLevel 1 expert
    by Running Shoes Guru
    Weighing in at a slim 6.4 ounces, the Saucony Virrata gets you as close as you can to barefoot running with all the protection of a running shoe.
  • 89
    Tyler MathewsLevel 1 expert
    by Tyler Mathews
    I enjoy these shoes for easy miles, but will not reach for them as a standalone training shoe.
  • 89
    JessLevel 1 expert
    by Jess Runs
    I loved how light the shoe felt on my foot, and I could barely tell I was running in a minimalist shoe.
  • 89
    Matt MarcellaLevel 1 expert
    by The Run Streak
    The weight of the shoe was tremendously light on my feet, the support was incredibly strong! 
  • 89
    EricaLevel 1 expert
    by Running Divas
    I have tried them on - sand, road, trails, tracks and ovals over the past few weeks. They were excellent on any hard surface when doing sprints or short distances.
  • 88
    Tim BaksLevel 1 expert
    by Runner's High
    The combination of flexibility and also a good damping which is what appeals to me in this running shoe.
  • 88
    BrianLevel 1 expert
    by Running Technique Tips
    The plushness in the cushioning is a good match for these unyielding surfaces.
  • 88
    Laura PeiferLevel 1 expert
    by Mommy Run Fast
    I only used them for slow and easy recovery runs, and I was surprised to find that my legs were fine and had no extra aches or pains!
  • 88
    Martinus EvansLevel 1 expert
    by 300 Pounds & Running
    To anyone who’s working their way up to a 10k but any distance after that you might want to look for an another shoe as it gave my problems for the longer distances, but that’s just my two pennies.
  • 87
    NYC Running MamaLevel 1 expert
    by NYC Running Mama
    I would highly recommend the Virrata if you are a neutral runner looking to try a lightweight, natural shoe – and especially if you have been turned off by the lack of support in other 0mm drop shoes.
  • 85
    JoannaLevel 1 expert
    by Running Warehouse
    I noticed a mild hotspot where the heel collar meets the tongue. At first I was worried this would be bothersome but after dialing in the lacing, the hotspot went away.
  • 82
    Katie HeddlestonLevel 1 expert
    by Healthy Heddleston
    Although not a true minimalist shoe, it’s lightweight and flexible design is the next best thing with additional protection from the running surface and the elements.
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Updates to Virrata 2

The 2nd version of the Saucony Virrata is a neutral running shoe that follows a ‘barefoot’ style of running. It allows the foot to be perfectly in sync with a natural stride. It’s also made to deliver high quality protection, support and comfort. The fabric coverage is even secure, but its seamless design keeps the foot safe from discomfort.

The upper unit uses a lightweight mesh material to serve as the primary layer of covering to wrap the foot. An internal bootie allows the foot to feel a sock-like fit, so wearing the Virrata 2 feels very responsive and comfortable. The minimalist upper design also caters to those who don’t need too much features on their running shoes.

The mid-sole unit uses an 18mm thick foam material to give plush underfoot support and cushioning. Made from high quality compounds, this platform is tuned to the movements of the foot. Though it’s durable, it doesn’t limit the natural flexibility of the runner.

The outsole unit uses a very durable rubber material to give the platform a layer of protection when it comes to abrasion and wear. The lugged design of the sole unit gives a bit more cushioning and traction, especially when handling uphill climbs and downhill descents.

Virrata 2 size and fit

The Saucony Virrata 2 has a standard running shoe length. It follows the regular measurements when it comes men and women’s sizes. Its available width is medium, so runners with feet that are medium-sized can acclimate well to it. It also has a semi-curved shape, which easily accommodates the natural curvature of the human foot.


The XT-900™ is a protective layer that shields the critical sections of the sole unit from wear and tear. Made from high quality carbon rubber, it doesn’t wear off easily and it also delivers responsible traction over the surfaces.

The part of the sole unit that’s exposed to the ground uses triangular-shaped gripping lugs. It gives the platform flexibility, cushioning and traction, so it can handle flat surfaces and slopes with ease and sureness when it comes to surface control.


The highly abrasion-resistant Ethylene vinyl acetate is a very lightweight material which serves as the main cushioning system of the Saucony Virrata 2. It has a thickness of just 18mm. It delivers flexible and responsive performance for neutral runners and those who prefer a close-to-the-ground running experience.

The drop from heel to toe is 0. The platform is essentially balanced when it comes to these two sections of the foot. It allows runners to experience a more barefoot style of running. Total surface control and movement is handled by the runner and this drop factor assists in that respect.


Mono mesh is the material that’s used for the Saucony Virrata 2. It’s a lightweight and breathable material, so air is constantly introduced to its interior to keep a dry and cool environment for the foot. It also dries quickly, so concerns about water retention should be staved off.

Lightweight synthetic overlays are stitched onto the upper fabric. They give the material structural integrity while also adding appeal to the overall look. Their primary purpose, though, is to guide the upper fabric in wrapping the foot securely because they’re directly connected to the highly adjustable traditional lacing system.

An Internal Bootie Construction allows the runner to sense a sock-like fit that’s comfortable and non-irritating to the skin. It follows the dimensions of the foot, letting off a next-to-skin comfort that’s reliable and flexible.

The HydraMAX™ is a collar lining technology. While keeping the foot comfortable, it prevents the inner fabric from absorbing moisture, thus keeping the environment odor-free.


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