Weight: Men 6.6oz / Women 5.6oz
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes

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Use - The Velocity 4 from Saucony generates robust performance in mid-distance running competitions. These meets can range from 800 meters all the way up to 1500 meters. 

Spike Type - For optimal grip on the track surface, pyramid spike pins are ideal for the track shoe. These are changeable, accommodating to the varying needs of the athletes. 

Spike Plate - Sporting a seven-well placement, a Pebax® plate is incorporated into the outsole. Its makeup is one that delivers maximum traction on the ground. It also keeps weight at an absolute minimum for less bulk.

The Saucony Velocity 4 features an improved upper design. It presents a new mesh upper that’s revamped to serve lightness and breathability. 

The running shoe also presents a die-cut EVA midsole. The incorporation of this midsole material aims to adhere to the featherlight fashion of the track shoe. 

Replicating its predecessor’s configuration, the Velocity 4 still integrates a Pebax®. It is responsible for the grippy traction of the track spike.

The Saucony Velocity 4 is configured using the standard width for both men and women. Thus, users can get a pair with their usual size preference. 

The components affecting the fit of the running spike are the mesh upper and supportive overlays. The mesh wraps snugly around the foot for increased comfort and fit. Meanwhile, the overlays enable foot lockdown, preventing premature shoe removal.

The outsole of the Saucony Velocity 4 is comprised of both XT-900 rubber and Pebax® plate. The XT-900 rubber is composed of carbon rubber, supplying outstanding grip on the track surface. It also heightens the durability of the track shoe

Supplementing the XT-900 rubber is the running spike’s Pebax® plate. It has a seven-pin placement, intended for versatile traction. The plate’s makeup also promotes durability and efficient toe-offs. It is extremely lightweight, preventing drag. Moreover, it serves both underfoot cushioning and shock mitigation. The same outsole element is present in the Nike Zoom D.

To trim down weight further, the Saucony Velocity 4 features a die-cut EVA midsole. This component is integral in amplifying the responsiveness of the track running shoe. It also offers ample cushioning for pronounced in-shoe comfort. Lastly, its construction also poses for shock attenuation, preventing foot trauma.

Acting as the outer wrap of the running platform is a lightweight, breathable mesh. This material exhibits flexibility, allowing unrestricted foot movements. This quality also maintains the track spike’s sock-like fit. The perforations employed by the upper material are fundamental in delivering good ventilation into the foot chamber. This eliminates odor by wicking away sweat. 

Overlays are also welded to the upper. These support the foot for stable and safe performance on the tracks.

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Same sizing as Saucony Velocity 5.

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