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5 reasons to buy

  • Many appreciate the stiff spike plate of the Saucony Showdown 5, making it great for sprints. 
  • Several of the customers hail the lightness of the running shoe. 
  • According to some buyers, the track spike has sufficient cushioning. 
  • It promotes speed, praised quite a few runners. 
  • There are some reviewers stating that the sprint shoe offers breathability.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A number of athletes have observed that the shoe requires a long break-in period. 
  • One customer states that the track spike is heavier than most sprint shoes.

Bottom line

The Saucony Showdown 5 is a sprint spike that targets comfort and value. Its overall makeup sports a good balance of stiffness and flexibility that enhances the propulsion of the runner. With a revamped look and componentry, the sprint spike delivers added support and security.

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Good to know

Use - The Saucony Showdown 5 is a high-performance sprint spike. It can generate superior traction in running meets that range from 60 meters to 200 meters. 

Spike Type - There are 10 pyramid spikes that are furnished to the spike plate of the track shoe. These pins are ¼ inch in length, delivering maximum grip, especially on rubber surfaces. 

Spike Plate - A 10-pin Pebax® plate is outfitted to the running spike. It consists of lightweight materials that deliver high-strength, traction-producing properties. It is responsible for accommodating the removable pins of the shoe for versatile grip.

There are some aspects of the Showdown 5 that are completely patterned after its predecessor. However, the most apparent change made to the sprinting shoe is its redesigned exterior. It sports a far more aggressive design from the fourth version of the series. 

The remainder of the shoe’s design maintains the same makeup from the previous model. The ISOFIT system is still implemented in the style of the track spike. It provides a secure wrap around the foot. 

For additional support and lockdown, Flex Film overlays are still embellished on the upper. It pushes the foot into the midsole to lock it in place.

The Saucony Showdown 5 is listed in standard width for both men and women. However, it is advised that before purchasing, one should try on the fit of the shoe first or go through various user feedback. 

There are two technologies integrated into the running platform’s configuration that are responsible for its fit. One of these is the ISOFIT system, it provides a snug and secure fit. On the other hand, the sprint spike is supplied with Flex Film overlays. These are tasked with providing support and lockdown.

The Saucony Showdown 5’s outsole is equipped with a Pebax® plate. It exhibits high-strength properties that protect the track spike from abrasive elements. It presents a good symmetry of rigidity and lightness, allowing a propulsive track performance. 

The spike plate also houses the removable pins of the running shoe, attending to the different needs of the sprinter. 

The same outsole composition is found in the Nike Zoom D and Nike Zoom Rival S 9.

There is no cushioning in the midsole of the Showdown 5. This is intended to keep the weight of the shoe down.

A proprietary upper technology from Saucony, the ISOFIT system is outfitted to the sprint spike. It is a dynamic fit system that conforms to the natural shape and contours of the foot. It conforms to the motion of the foot, allowing unrestricted movements. 

The Flex Film overlays are made of thin films that are welded to the upper for added support. It also keeps the foot in place. 

A traditional lacing system serves as the closure system of the track shoe.


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