Saucony Shadow 6000: Still looking spiffy after 3 decades

Made to perform in the track, the Shadow 6000 is one of Saucony’s attempts at making the finest running shoes in the world. And the brand had no regrets. Why? Because this shoe soon became one of the most favored kicks by high-mileage Olympic runners. 

30 years after, the Saucony Shadow may no longer be an A-lister in the realm of running but it continues to amp up its game in the world of fashion. This is all thanks to its retro vibe and dad shoe flair.

What makes the 6000 different from its Shadow siblings?

Shoes from the Shadow series may look identical, but take a closer look and you’ll discover slight changes that make each one unique. 

  • A shoe that was released 4 years after the Original’s debut, the Shadow 5000 still has a TPU heel stabilizer - but cleaner and more compact. Its midsole and upper paneling, however, were redesigned for greater support and stability.
  • Compared to the Shadow Original, the Shadow 6000 bulked up its cushioning and removed the TPU heel support. This made the 6000 even more comfortable and shock-absorbing.


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