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7 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: Satisfied buyers of Saucony Omni Walker 3 swear by its day-long comfort and well-cushioned sole.
  • Excellent support: Many reviewers say that the shoe helps relieve foot issues and keeps them on their feet for long periods.
  • Light: Despite its chunky look and leather upper, it feels agile on the feet.
  • Leather upper: The upper material provides a touch of luxury, which makes it ideal for work.
  • Traction: Its slip-resistant outsole provides a strong grip even in wet weather.
  • Durable: The Omni Walker 3 holds up well for daily, long-hour use.
  • Width options: An individual who suffers from bunions appreciates how the shoe accommodates his feet.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Quality downgrade: Several long-time users of the Omni Walker 3 claims this latest version feels cheaper as it has a thinner leather, less support, and cushion.
  • Pointy toebox: Some reviewers find the toebox to have too much of a cone-like shape.
  • Lack of color choice: Walking enthusiasts wish there were more colorways to choose from.
  • Squeaking sounds: A handful of testers say the shoe produces squeaking sounds, which can get annoying.

Bottom line

The Omni Walker 3 from Saucony has its users divided on whether it is a comfortable, high-quality walking shoe or otherwise. Long-time users seem to feel a negative difference between the old and new versions, while most new users seem to find it an excellent match to their needs.

With divided reviews, and if you want to save yourself some potential hassle, maybe it's better to skip this model.

Tip: see the best walking shoes.

Saucony Omni Walker 3: Keeping the Omni Walker line alive

Retaining some of the well-loved features of the Omni Walker range, the Saucony Omni Walker 3 ticks most of the essentials in a walking shoe. The shoe screams light, springy cushioning, and a custom walking shoe aesthetic.

What is it for? The Omni Walker 3 is a lace-up walking shoe ideal for the following endeavors:

  • Daily walks
  • Doing errands
  • Jobs that require standing/walking for extended periods

Features you might love in the Omni Walker 3

  • Well-cushioned tongue, collar, and underfoot for all-day comfort.
  • Traditional lace-up closure for excellent lockdown and sporty look.
  • Lightweight support to cater to the needs of several foot issues such as moderate overpronation
  • Sure-footing even on slippery surfaces provided by the slip-resistant outsole


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