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5 reasons to buy

  • The Saucony Momentum proved to be a comfortable walking shoe for many buyers.
  • Those who bought the trainer at a discounted price thought that it offered much more than what they paid for it.
  • A good number of purchasers wrote that the footwear was well-made as it lasted them for more than several months.
  • Some reviewers reported that the shoe fit them just right both length- and widthwise.
  • Several people appreciated that the trainer felt light on the foot.

6 reasons not to buy

  • More than a few wearers were disappointed with the lack of underfoot support; the insert was also considered too thin and insufficiently padded.
  • The sizing was off for some users: the shoe either ran too short or too long than what they were used to.
  • Several complaints concerned the tight fit in the toe box; however, in some cases, this problem was resolved after a short break-in period.
  • A few of the long-time Saucony fans were frustrated with the model because it seemed cheaply made and was not of the same quality as the brand’s previous pairs which they had owned.
  • A handful of buyers were annoyed with the insoles sliding around inside the shoe.
  • Some customers expected that the footwear would come with a leather upper as there was no indication of the materials in the description; they were unhappy to find out that the trainer was synthetic.

Bottom line

The Saucony Momentum received mixed reviews, with positive comments only slightly outweighing the negatives ones. While most buyers were happy with the shoe’s comfort and fit, many users complained about the lack of cushioning as well as the inconsistent fit and sizing. On one hand, the trainer’s durability was lauded by multiple users but, on the other hand, some people were frustrated with the overall quality of the model. In the end, for those who achieved the right size and fit, wanted a neutral walking shoe, and didn’t mind the synthetic upper, the Momentum was a bang for the buck.

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Good to know

  • The Saucony Momentum is created to accommodate daily walking sessions, be it running errands or long-distance fitness walking. The shoe has neutral support, which means that doesn’t employ any stabilizing or arch supporting components. It is also designed with a 4-mm heel-to-toe drop which places the foot nearly flat on the sole. Other walking shoes from Saucony come with a rather high heel-to-toe drop, which is either 8 mm or 12 mm to provide extra heel cushioning.
  • The brand’s proprietary GRID technology is incorporated into the heel section of the sole. It enhances rebound and shock absorption in this area.
  • It is a unicolor shoe with a clean upper design which makes the footwear appropriate not only for athletic uses but also for a work environment and casual outings. The perforations are added throughout the unit to ensure breathability.
  • At the bottom, the XT-900 carbon rubber provides abrasion resistance and grip. It stands in between the brand’s XT-600 rubber with minimal endurance and the toughest XT-1200 material.

The Saucony Momentum is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and corresponds to the brand’s sizing scheme. In terms of width, it is offered in a standard D - Medium for gentlemen and in a B - Medium for ladies.

The underside of the shoe’s platform is lined with the XT-900 compound. It is made of the high-wear carbon rubber to protect the sole against abrasion. This material is also meant to provide traction on various surfaces.

The rubber features both horizontal and vertical cuts. They contribute to the flexibility of the trainer, especially in the forefoot area.

The Momentum employs a lightweight and flexible EVA foam to cushion the foot throughout the walk. It is a responsive full-length unit which helps the foot to smoothly transition from heel to toes.

There is a GRID compound embedded into the heel section of the EVA. It is Saucony’s patented technology which stands for Ground Reaction Inertia Device. It is actually constructed as a grid and works similarly to a tennis racquet. It not only rebounds the impact upon heel strike but also helps in centering and stabilizing the heel as it hits the ground.

The Saucony Momentum makes use of synthetic leather in the upper unit. Additional synthetic overlays are placed at the toes and at the heel for enhanced durability.

The entire upper is perforated to keep the foot chamber ventilated. A mesh material is used on the tongue to improve breathability.

The tightness of the fit is regulated by the lace-up closure. An extra pair of eyelets is placed on the edge of the collar, near the ankle. It gives the wearer an option to lock the shoe on the foot even more securely. Two fabric stripes stretch all the way from the sole to the top on both sides, forming the middle pair of eyelets. When the laces are cinched, they help to pull the quarters together for better lateral support.


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