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8 reasons to buy

  • Comfortable: Saucony Jazz DST users love how this kick grants a “comfy world” for the feet.
  • Cushioned: Wearers of running sneakers love the springiness of this kick. "It softens the feeling underfoot.” 
  • Quick break-in: Jazz DST users say this Saucony shoe becomes more forgiving over time.
  • Non-constricting: It can accommodate narrow to wide-sized feet.
  • Flashy: This one is as "gorgeous" as many Saucony shoes, especially up close. 
  • Breathable: Wearers are stoked that the fabric layering allows air to circulate in and out of the shoe. 
  • Grippy: Its triangular lugs offer “good grip.”
  • Well-made: The layering on this shoe is neatly pieced together.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Fancy lace arrangement: Though its unique lacing setup offers security, it’s pretty taxing adjusting the fit.
  • Short laces: The length of the spare laces isn’t long enough.

Bottom line

There’s no stopping Saucony’s obsession over its most-loved Jazz runner. Adding to its growing collection is the Jazz DST. Much like the other versions that strike an old-school charm, this too displays a vintage flair that’s made more appealing by some trendy updates. Underneath its bold cover is a homey and padded interior that’s fairly loose and impact-absorbing. 

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Jazz up your retro style with Saucony Jazz DST 

Saucony continues to capture and relive the ‘80s vibe through comeback Jazz releases. If you wish to flash a retro look while strapped up in a bold-colored shoe or a reflective one, the Jazz DST won’t dampen your spirit.

It also modernizes the traditional Jazz look with its can’t-be-missed elastic bungee cord system looped to double-eye rows. This rare lacing layout lets you customize your fit and style freely. Value-wise, the add-ons and minor tweaks on this version make it among the priciest yet still reasonably priced from the Jazz pack.

Saucony Jazz’s top choices

Saucony Jazz is no longer fitted for long mileage running like the original 1981 pair. But it makes a reasonable distance in the sneaker game through well sought-after reruns. Thanks to its ever-reliable dual-density foam that does no less than buffer shock for comfier and smoother strides. Below are some of the best ones. 

  • Saucony Original Vintage's silhouette closely resembles the original Jazz except for mesh and nylon vamp underlay and single-toned midsole. Jazz DST picked up the same DNA but uses textile instead of mesh. 
  • Saucony Low Pro comes with a slimmed-down midsole compared to the standard height on the Jazz DST and most sneakers from the same line. 
  • Saucony Jazz 4000 is beefier than the DST version and appears with a thicker heel. It also uses mesh and synthetics on the upper instead of traditional nylon and suede.


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