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6 reasons to buy

  • Stability: The Hurricane 23 delivers a supportive but non-intrusive ride. Contributing to this is the balanced cushion (good firmness-to-softness ratio) and wide base of the shoe.
  • Fit: It's "not too tight or too loose." It's form-fitting that the foot that it doesn't slide around. 
  • Responsive: Unlike other stability models, this shoe is responsive and lively. Runners even claim that they ran faster than they thought or felt. 
  • Upper comfort: It's plush, luxurious, and memory foam-like. So much so that experts state that everything about the upper "screams cozy." 
  • Gusseted tongue: It supplements the upper in generating a lockdown fit. 
  • Traction: Even in wet conditions, the shoe has a good grip. There are no reports of slipping. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • Heavy: Although the weight decrease is noticed by the testers, the shoe still felt bulky.
  • Loose laces: Even after lace locking, the laces have to be redone every couple of miles to really cinch them down.

Bottom line

The Hurricane 23 from Saucony is everything that you can expect from a premium stability shoe. If you want to eat up miles with optimal comfort and stability, this is the shoe for you. Although lauded for its responsiveness, it's most at home in slow-paced, long runs.

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Saucony Hurricane 23: Premium price, premium ride

Soft, cozy cushioning — this is where the Hurricane 23 from Saucony outshines other luxurious daily trainers. Designed as a stability model, it defies conventions by enabling a soft underfoot feel without compromising support and responsiveness. 

Hurricane 23 vs 22: Definitely a better update! 

The Saucony Hurricane 22 has been considered by experts a flop in the area where it was supposed to help — stability. With the 23rd iteration of the Hurricane series, several experts agree that the shoe is simply a game-changer.

With its overhaul, here are some of the benefits you can get from the Saucony Hurricane 23:  

  • Lighter. In contrast to its predecessor (11.6 oz in men's size 9), the Hurricane 23 (11.4 oz in men's size 9) now weighs less with its combination of new outsole and midsole. 
  • More stability. Featuring a structured upper design, the shoe keeps the foot locked in place. Complementing this is the grippy outsole of the shoe and its supportive midsole, allowing for surefooted strides even on uneven terrains.

Who and what is it for? 

Because it's a stability shoe, it is suited for runners who overpronate. Although it's got a bouncy ride, experts agree that the Hurricane 23 is best suited for long-distance daily runs and recovery runs. 


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