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From the color blocking to the synthetic microsuede and ripstop mesh upper, the Saucony Azura packs a lot of retro vibes in its aesthetics. It had quite a reputation during its heydays in the ‘80s as a lightweight runner with dependable stability and durability. This retro sneaker sends throwback vibes further enhanced by the comfort and overall style of the classic kick.


  • Attractive old-school vibe
  • Comfortable in-shoe padding
  • True to size
  • Versatile design
  • Sturdy
  • Well-ventilated
  • Light
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not for wide feet
  • Short laces

Who should buy the Saucony Azura

The Saucony Azura is for you if:

  • You love wearing low-top sneakers with throwback appeal.
  • A shoe that does not take much effort to pair with various OOTDs is what you prefer.
  • You are after a sneaker that doesn't break the bank.

Saucony Azura Logo

Who should not buy the Saucony Azura

Sneakerheads with wide feet might have to take a look at the Saucony Jazz 81 instead of the Azura. Also wearers who are fussy about lace length may check the Jazz Original Vintage.

Saucony Azura Not Buy

Cozy in-shoe experience

The shoe has comfy padding in the collar and tongue with removable insoles with Saucony branding. That said, most reviewers find the Saucony Azura comfortable.

Saucony Azura Comfort

Built to last long

The low-top Saucony Azura sneaker has a durable construction and high-quality materials according to some observers.

Saucony Azura Durable

Saucony Azura's adequate airflow

A few users observed that the ripstop mesh material and textile combination in the upper together with the perforation placed all over the shoe provides needed breathability. 

Saucony Azura Breathable

True to size fit

A good number of wearers say that the Saucony Azura runs true to size. Keep in mind it is a fit that's more on the narrow side though. It also does not help that the laces are a bit shorter, so trying to get a proper lockdown with wider feet inside is not an easy thing to do. 

Saucony Azura Fit2

Light for various activities

One reviewer says the lightweight feel makes the shoe ideal for short runs and gym workouts.

Saucony Azura Light1

Surprisingly affordable

Retailed at $85 and cheaper by a few bucks than other low-top sneakers by Saucony such as the Grid Azura Weathered ($100) and the Grid Azura 2000 ($110), the Saucony Azura's wallet-friendly price tag has surprised some folks in the sneaker community.

Saucony Azura Affordable

The versatile and appealing design of the Saucony Azura

With the popularity of retro runners, the Saucony Originals Azura’s re-release came at the right time when these heritage sneakers from the 1980s have remained to be a staple among fashion circles. While the design seems underrated for its features, the Saucony Azura shoes have lived up to its ‘80s marketing slogan of “No hot air or hype” by keeping things purely about the running-inspired sneaker’s features. That said, the majority of sneaker reviewers love its retro design and colors.

Retro runners are among the most versatile of sneakers since their classic features go about with just any outfit you have in your wardrobe. The Azura, a part of Saucony’s Originals collection, simply blends in and most of the time does not overpower your other clothing unlike, say a modern or futuristic shoe, or a chunky-soled dad shoe.

What further catches the attention of the public to the Saucony Azura casual shoes is its beautiful aesthetics starting with the suede overlays in unique and often contrasting colors that give it a 1980s vibe.

Saucony Azura Style

Notable features

The torsional rigidity bar or the TPU stabilizer of the Saucony Azura sneaker has been retained from the original design because it delivers reliable support and stability to the Saucony Azura on feet. The sneaker also has a synthetic microsuede material that provides structure and color-blocking overlays in the upper.

Saucony Azura Features

The Saucony Azura History

Saucony has a long history of creating running shoes and later on lifestyle sneakers. Founded by Russian immigrant A.R. Hyde, it was built at the high banks of Saucony Creek in Pennsylvania, USA, hence its name. The brand first made a breakthrough in the footwear industry when two of its shoes made it to the Top 10 running shoes by Runner’s World in 1979.

Soon several designs like their popular GRID series of shoes started to flood the market. Other technical footwear was soon produced by the brand. As retro footwear became trendy, the brand has also resurrected some of its 1980s designs to cater to the needs of the public for sneakers with throwback appeal. One of these designs is the Saucony Azura.

The Saucony Azura was originally released in 1988. The company released them on December 18, 2018, or some 30 years after the brand dropped the original. On the 30th anniversary of the lightweight runner, it came out in beautiful color-blocking designs. The Azura shoe by Saucony returned in its original colorways like yellow, grey, navy, and orange options.

Saucony Azura History2

Additional info

  • EVA midsole and padded interiors provide comfort for the Saucony Azura retro runner.
  • Triangular rubber lugged outsole of the shoe has excellent grip and traction for various surfaces.
  • Saucony branding at the tongue and sockliner. Azura branding detail is placed on the lateral side.

Saucony Azura Outsole