Salomon X Ultra 5 review

Doug Turner
Doug Turner on Jan 27, 2022

Expected release date: Sep 2022

Expected price: $120

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Have you ever wondered that you can do so much more if only you had a different pair of trail kicks on? In Salomon X Ultra hiking shoes, not only will you be able to learn the possibilities, but you will also break through them.

Now on the buying side of things, RunRepeat will not let you down. With our ongoing retail partnerships, you can bet your dollar that most (if not all) must-haves you see here can be yours for less than their MSRPs.

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Doug Turner
Doug Turner

Doug is a Scottish documentary and fashion photographer and filmmaker. Stumbling into the sneaker game later than usual, he started out behind a camera through long hiking expeditions around the world. Seeking a cleaner aesthetic, Doug now works mostly in fashion and sport, opting for outdoor locations rather than a studio.