We spent 8 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

5 reasons to buy

  • A reviewer commented that the Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG has an aptly breathable upper.
  • One user was glad to report that the S-Lab Sense 6 SG had reliable durability.
  • A good number of users commented that the traction was excellent on wet & loose mud, as well as dry rock.
  • Several users were impressed by the high quality of this running shoe’s components.
  • Running felt light and fast, based on a variety of reviews.

3 reasons not to buy

  • One reviewer mentioned that the lace holes on his shoe were easily torn.
  • A tester said that the shoe is for a very specific purpose. It’s not as versatile in use as other running shoes.
  • A good number of users observed that the shoe felt tight or narrow.

Bottom line

The Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG was designed to be a neutral running shoe that focused on the runner’s performance on the trails. With its breathable and lightweight design, it was made suitable for soft ground conditions. The shoe possesses excellent grip on muddy, loose, or even wet terrain. It may not be as functional as other shoes because it was designed for specific conditions, but when the need is there, the runner is able to rely on the performance the Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG provides.



A top rated Trail running shoe
It has never been more popular than this May

Expert Reviews

85 / 100 based on 3 expert reviews

  • 88 / 100 | Patrick Caron | Level 1 expert

    If the regular Sense 6 sounds right up your alley, but you’re a little worried about traction or you’re searching for something a little more “rugged”, than the Sense 6 SG is the shoe for you! While I personally found the Sense 6 to meet all the criteria I expect out of a shoe for racing or exploring the mountains, I generally take a very minimalistic approach to my running and racing style, and I can understand that some people might be looking for a little more than what the Sense 6 has to offer. For example, before the Loon Mountain Race in Lincoln, New Hampshire (6.6 miles up Loon Mountain Ski Resort with 3,125 feet of climbing and a max slope of 48% - AKA “The Boss”), there were several inches of rain pouring down the day before, and flash flooding throughout the night. While warming up before the race wearing the Sense 6 SGs, I ran by a good friend and top finisher of many of New England’s toughest races, and he shouted something along the lines of, “Good choice with the Soft Grounds! The course is extremely eroded and a giant mess! You may have gotten away with the regular Sense 6s at Cranmore, but you’ll need the Soft Grounds today…” Little did he know that I would switch models in the five minutes before the race went off, as I wanted something just a little bit lower and faster for the big climbs as well as the nordic ski trails that traverse the slopes. I will continue to train in both the Sense 6 and the Sense 6 SG, as they are nice to switch between when your legs want something new, although if I had to pick one, I’d definitely choose the Sense 6!

  • 86 / 100 | Tahoe Mountain Sports Blog | | Level 1 expert

    $180 is a LOT of money to spend on a trail running shoe that is subjected to horrendous abuse on sharp rocky trails, but if you are willing to make that kind of investment in a shoe, then this one provides about as much bang for your buck as you can reasonably expect. I feel this is a shoe that all but the narrowest and widest foot will really enjoy. The S-Lab Sense 6 SG will perform well on any type of trail (also felt fantastic on a rubber track), while truly excelling in the most demanding terrain with it’s secure and comfy fit. About the only drawback I found in this shoe is that it quickly feels like not enough cushion for my 170 pounds when I start to break down and get tired feet at the end of a longer run.

  • 80 / 100 | Altitude Blog | | Level 1 expert

    If you’re an elite runner, this might be your shoe. If you’ve spent the season strengthening your feet/legs in a more cushioned shoe and are ready to run fast, this might be your shoe.

  • First look | Running Warehouse | | Level 4 expert

  • First look | Shop Zappos |

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  • The Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG features the Endofit technology, which focuses on improving the fit. With this Salomon development, runners benefit from improved security in terms of the shoe’s snugness, especially when running on terrain that’s slippery.
  • Salomon didn’t just stop on the Endofit to enhance the fit of the shoe. The company also added their Sensifit technology. These are the seamless overlays found on the upper of the shoe that further secures the foot and maintains the shoe’s shape.
  • Also on the upper of the shoe is a mesh panel that allows the foot to breathe. This feature of the shoe is not just for ventilation, but also for the prevention of debris-infiltration.
  • To make lacing more convenient, Salomon introduced its Quicklace system to the S-Lab Sense 6 SG. Similar to most Solomon Sense models, this lacing system allows a more secure fit. With a toggle in place, runners can easily slide it up or down to control the tightness or looseness of the fit.
  • The Quicklace system has its very own pocket found on tip of the tongue of the shoe. This pocket is meant to secure the shoelaces, storing it so it won’t become cumbersome when the runner is in motion.
  • Focusing on the midsole, it is made up of a die-cut, dual-density EVA foam. EVA is commonly used on running shoes because of its useful properties. It’s durable, it provides sufficient cushioning underfoot, it gives a good amount of shock protection, and it is even flexible.
  • The Profeel film technology is placed on the midsole. This film allows the runners to feel the motion of the shoe while delivering push-through protection.
  • On the outsole is the Contagrip premium wet traction rubber. From the name of the technology, it improves the grip of the shoe on different surfaces, including ones that are wet. It’s a useful feature that can prove handy when the runner is on slippery surfaces.
  • Still on the outsole is Salomon’s OS Tendon, which functions similarly to the real tendons of the foot. This structure provides better rolling and a softer rebound. When rolling and rebound are enhanced, the shoe can adapt well to the terrain and the movements of the foot.

The Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG is a shoe for both gender of runners. It is unisex in design, but it comes in shoe-lengths that are specific to males and females. As for the width, however, it only comes in D—medium, a width measurement that specifically caters to the width of male runners. Those interested to get a pair should take note that the shoe’s shape is semi-curved with a medium-to-low arch support.

Same as in the popular Salomon Sense Ride 2, this shoe's outsole is made up of what Salomon call’s Premium Wet Traction Contagrip which is a rubber material that provides the shoe with a superior grasp on different surfaces, even on soft ground.

The outsole also features Salomon’s OS Tendon system. This system looks like flex lines on the outsole. They function as real tendons do by flexing when the foot is in motion, thereby providing the right amount of stretch and balance when the foot is in the heel-to-toe phase of the gait cycle. The result is a softer rebound and smoother rolling motion of the foot.

The herringbone is mostly composed of 6mm lugs that are of different sizes. The size and shape of each lug depends on the area where it is placed. This type of herringbone works together with the Premium Wet Traction Contagrip to deliver suitable adhesion even on the most challenging surfaces.

The midsole is made up of a dual density EVA foam. EVA is a good midsole material because it has useful properties – flexible, durable, and shock absorbing, to name a few. Dual density EVA, on the other hand, means that the midsole is made up of two types of EVA foam – soft and firm. The soft EVA foam is placed on the area where flexibility is needed the most while the firm EVA foam is placed on the area where a bit of support is needed.

A ProFeel Film is also found on the Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG’s midsole. More specifically, it is found within the layers of the midsole. This film is made with a TPU formulation that was especially developed for light trail performances. The film serves as midfoot protection, but it does not lose ground feel.

The dorsal portion of the foot is protected and covered by an anti-debris mesh. This mesh is paneled on the upper of the shoe to prevent small rocks or particles from infiltrating the interior. Because the upper is made of mesh panels, it also provides a good amount of ventilation to the foot, keeping it cool at all times.

The lacing system is specific to Salomon. They call it the Quicklace system and rightly so, because it makes adjusting the fit more convenient. The system is made up of a plastic handle and a toggle. Sliding the toggle up will loosen the fit, while sliding the toggle down will do the opposite.

After lacing up the shoes, runner can keep the Quicklace system inside the lace pocket, which is found on the tip of the shoe-tongue. This lacing pocket hides the lacing system and secures it from unravelling during runs. This is a nifty feature that ensures the toggle and string does not interfere the motion of the runner.

Just like the shoe's latest version, the S-Lab Sense 7 SG, the Salomon’s Endofit technology is also incorporated into this shoe. Endofit is a sock-like construction found on the upper of the shoe. Since it hugs the foot in precisely the right areas, this exclusive Salomon technology improves the fit and comfort of the shoe, providing a premium in-shoe feel.

Aside from the Endofit, another piece of Salomon technology that’s found on the S-Lab Sense 6 SG is the seamless Sensifit. The Sensifit are the thin overlays found on the sides of the shoe. They look like lines that connect to the lacing system, mimicking a shoe cage. This technology on the upper of the shoe cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, providing an even more secure fit that feels almost customized.

The toes bumping on different obstacles when a runner is on unpredictable terrain is almost always inevitable. To present a solution to this problem, Salomon added an extra feature in the form of a rubber toe cap. This cap does the job in protecting the toes and preventing accidental stubbing during runs.

To help with visibility during low light conditions, the Salomon S-Lab Sense 6 SG is equipped with a reflective material. This feature is useful when the runner opts to run during twilight or night time.

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