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A lightweight road shoe with a half-bootie construction, the Salomon Predict Soc offers plenty of cushioning and a high level of stability. It features an innovative design, from the premium knitted upper that delivers a sock-like fit to the anatomically decoupled midsole and outsole that encourages flexibility and natural foot motion. The comfortable underfoot cushioning and breathable upper make the Predict Soc a good option for daily training and long-distance runs.


  • Sock-like upper
  • Lighter than average
  • Cozy in-shoe feel
  • Breathable
  • Soft cushioning
  • Well-made
  • Stylish


  • Rubs heels for some
  • Not grippy on snow and ice

Who should buy the Salomon Predict Soc

The Predict Soc running shoe from Salomon is a solid option if you:

  • prefer running shoes with sock-like fitting uppers
  • value lightness in your running footwear
  • want a good-looking shoe that doubles for casual wear

Salomon Predict Soc Logo1

Who should NOT buy the shoe

If you tend to run in wet and slightly slippery conditions, you may want to check out the Predict Soc 2 as it apparently has a better grip. And if slush, snow, and mud are your frequent running surfaces, then it's better to invest in a shoe like Salomon Sense Ride 4.

Salomon Predict Soc: Fits like a sock

The Predict Soc features a half-bootie design along with a premium knit upper that gives a sock-like fit.

Salomon Predict Soc Fit2

The upper is soft and super flexible that it conforms to the shape of the foot without giving a constricting fit. Based on the general users' feedback, it requires no break-in period and can be taken on a run straight from the box. They also mentioned that the plush upper makes the shoe uber comfortable.

Salomon Predict Soc Sole3

A few reviewers did have an issue with the heel part of the shoe rubbing the heel raw and making it bleed. However, not everyone had this problem.

The Salomon Predict Soc's sole unit

The Salomon Predict Soc has an anatomically decoupled midsole and outsole. This delivers a smooth ride by encouraging natural foot movement as it flexes while in motion. 

Salomon Predict Soc Sole2

This running shoe makes use of the EnergyCell foam that delivers soft and bouncy underfoot cushioning. Here is what runners have said about cushioning:

  • "feels like walking on Marshmallows"
  • "I love the break it gives my feet from all of the miles"

Salomon Predict Soc Fit1

The Predict Soc also received bonus points for being extremely flexible thanks to the deep flex grooves throughout the sole.

 Good grip, but not for wintery roads

Made of rubber, the outsole has flat, wide lugs delivers traction on hard and flat surfaces. According to the runners, it works perfectly in most conditions except for snow and ice. 

Salomon Predict Soc Sole4

Light and airy

A few users appreciate the lightweight design of the Salomon Predict Soc. It is in fact lighter than running shoes on average. The Predict Soc weighs 9.1 oz (258 g), while the average is 9.9 oz (280 g).

Salomon Predict Soc Light1

Most runners also agree that the Predict Soc offers breathable coverage 

Salomon Predict Soc Light2

Appealing design of the Salomon Predict Soc

Runners admire the shoe's great looks and visual design. It doesn't look too athletic and is worn by buyers as a stylish pair of casual sneakers outside of running.

Salomon Predict Soc Design1