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Take the third version of the Salomon Alphacross GTX if you want a:

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX salomon alphacross

Who should NOT buy it

If you have wide feet and want a roomier toe box fit, the Salomon Sense Ride 4 will allow your toes to splay comfortably. And for something sturdier, more heavy-duty, you can't go wrong with the Salomon Ultra Glide

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX toe box

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX vs. 2

The Salomon Alphacross has always been a beast on the trails. Taking its status a notch higher, it now offers a more dialed-in fit to ensure a surefooted push-offs. 

The rest of the shoe carries over the same features as the past version, applying the why-fix-what's-not-broken principle. 

Ready for the wet season

Reading through reviews about the shoe's impermeability, "it keeps the feet dry" is the general verdict given by runners. In being an impermeable shoe, a reviewer commends the Alphacross 3 GTX, saying it "absolutely meets expectations" while another—a sports coach—says "I have not regretted the decision at all, with my feet remaining dry in all lessons so far." 

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX gore-tex

Another tester says that after running through puddles and rain, the Alphacross remained completely waterproof. However, as a tradeoff to the wet-free wrap you get, the shoe can feel relatively warm. 

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX heel

But don't hold it against the Alphacross 3 GTX. Most waterproof shoes, if not all, run warm. 

Keeps the foot in place

For medium to narrow-width feet, the remarks include "it adapts well to the foot" and "great fit." The upper is stretchy; it follows the natural shape and contours of the foot for a lockdown fit. 

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX lockdown

Those with wide feet meanwhile, find it a struggle to commend the Alphacross GTX. One of them had this to say, "I wish Salomon will make a wide fit option for these."

The Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX is barely noticeable

Gore-tex running shoes, on average, weigh in at 335 grams/11.8 ounces in men's US 9. The Alphacross 3 GTX, on the one hand, weighs in at 320 grams/11.3 ounces.

It's not super light. But when one sees many comments that say "lightweight" and "very light;" one has to agree that it definitely doesn't weigh the runner down.

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX cushion

Comfy for daily miles

After reading an overwhelming number of comments that state "comfortable," "very comfortable," and "the cushion feels really nice," it's clear as day that the Salomon Alphacros 3 GTX is easy on the feet. 

Whether running or hiking, it's an everyday trail shoe that runner has become a go-to for avid trail runners and newbies alike. 

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX midsole

On top of this, it's "instantly comfortable." There's no need to break it in because unlike most trail shoes, it's not overly rigid. Straight out of the box, the foot feels at home. 

The Alphacross 3 GTX bites the ground

"The grip is amazing" is a statement that encapsulates the verdict of the masses on the shoe's traction. On snow and mud, where it promises to shine, it's been nothing short of awesome. It clings like claws; there are NO reports of slips or missteps in the Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX. 

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX grip

Those who do cross-country runs on narrow paths and across meadows find the Alphacross 3 GTX ideal. It's tacky; it will keep your strides planted and stable. 

Maximizing value, minimizing price

"Worth the money at full price," "you get what you pay for," and "it's definitely worth it" are some of the comments that explain why the Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX is a bang for the buck. For the comfort, grip, and waterproofing it provides, it exudes great value. 

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX forefoot

Durability: Meh

"It all went downhill" after only a month of everyday use. Those who gave their feedback on the Alphacross 3 GTX's durability were left disappointed with the shoe's outsole tread as it wore down fast. 

Has got the looks

"Well done, Salomon!" When it comes to aesthetics, the Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX is anything but a downer. It's sleek and stylish, some even wear it outside of running. 

It's quite the looker, one of the critics even started collecting it in different colorways. "I have them in three colors, that means they're great," she excitedly shares. 

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Weight: Men 11.3oz
Drop: Men 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Salomon Alphacross 3
Forefoot height: Men 25.8mm
Heel height: Men 35.8mm

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