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Be as deadly as a venomous snake on the court when you wear the Viper 5. This Salming volleyball shoe has features that allow players to move fast because of its grippy underside that prevents accidental slipping.

Its cushioned midsole enables wearers to jump high and strike the ball back to their opponent in a powerful blow. The upper provides maximum foothold, allowing the trainer to move with the player and not drag them down.

Traction. The Viper 5 employs the XR 110 outsole. This rubber compound is engineered to be sticky to deliver maximum grip on smooth indoor floors. The inner side of the outsole is constructed to have a greater surface area, which is called the RollBar. It allows the foot to roll inwards so wearers can push off using the medial side of the foot.

Surefootedness. A couple of outsole technologies render the steadiness of the foot. The first is the TGS 62/75, wherein 62% of the underside, from the heel to the ball is constructed to be stable. The 72 in its name represents the angle of the flex groove that promotes bending at the right spot. As for the second feature, it is called the Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus. The lateral side of the outsole rises at a positive angle of 11 degrees. This construction prevents the foot from rolling outwards during side-to-side movements or abrupt stops.

Shock attenuation. Providing users of the Viper 5 with a bouncy underfoot cushioning is RUNlite2 foam. This midsole component is crafted to effectively convert the force of impact into energy for explosive takeoffs. It also reduces the shock felt by lower extremities.

Stability. The midsole of this Salming volleyball shoe utilizes the Lateral Movement Stabilizer. It is a lightweight, dual torsion unit placed under the arch, which prevents excessive twisting during fast and erratic movements.

The upper of the Viper 5 is made of Salming’s proprietary ViperSKIN technology. It is made of 3 layers of materials to provide comfort, support, and protection. The innermost sheet is a soft mesh that prevents chafing and helps regulate moisture and heat. The middle section uses a synthetic component that aids in the secure foot lockdown. As for the top layer, a thin thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film seals off the upper from dust. This sandwiched construction ensures that the top is lightweight yet able to provide the needed support for agile movements.

At the rearfoot, the Ergo Heel Cup prevents heel slippage. Salming designed this element to be longer than the usual heel cup to steady the hindfoot. If more lateral support is desired, Salming offers the Kobra 2. It features cable-like support on either side of the midfoot that amplifies foothold when the laces are tightened.

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