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The Salming Falco is a low-profile volleyball shoe built from the ground up with steadiness at its core. The upper of the trainer features a cage-like component at the midfoot which delivers lateral reinforcement and support.

The midsole is made to be responsive to absorb shock better. Both the outsole and the midsole feature technologies that prevent excessive twisting and inward rolling of the foot. These components deliver stability while also enhancing underfoot comfort.

Traction. The Salming Falco employs a full-length rubber. This compound is grippy, allowing for quick movements on smooth surfaces without slipping. It is also non-marking, so scuff marks on the floor will be the least of your worries.

Steadiness. This Salming volleyball trainer features the TGS 62/75 or the Torsion Guide System. Sixty-two percent of the shoe, from the heel to the ball is designed to be stable. It ends in the “ballet” line under the ball of the foot, marked by a groove at a 75-degree angle, hence the 62/75 in its name. The grooves allow the outsole to bend at the right places, facilitating natural forward motion.

Another stabilizing feature is the RollBar technology. The outsole is constructed to wrap up the medial side of the foot. This beveled design allows the foot to roll inwards so that the player can quickly change directions by pushing off using the inner side of the shoe.

Cushioning. The midsole of the Falco is made from EVA+C35. This lightweight foam is engineered to have a 70% better shock-absorption property than regular EVA.

Stability. This Salming volleyball trainer uses the LMS+ technology. LMS stands for Lateral Movement Stabilizer and has an 11-degree angle on the lateral side to prevent the foot from rolling outwards.

Comfort. The upper of the Salming Falco employs the 3-layer construction. The first layer of mesh provides a smooth and comfortable interior. The middle layer has lateral stabilizing elements that also relieve pressure on the foot. Because the layers are thin, it helps aerate the foot chamber and keep the foot fresh.

Protection. The third layer is a thin net mesh that covers the vamp and the quarters for protection. There are also synthetic overlays on the toe box to guard against bumps and friction. At the back, a heel cup is formed by the protective material which steadies the rearfoot.

Fit. The upper fits closely to the foot because of the padded tongue and collar. The tightness at the middle can be adjusted using the lace-up closure. The lacing system integrates with the ExoSkeleton on either side of the midfoot. When the shoestrings are cinched, these overlays facilitate steadiness during side-to-side movements.

Another model to consider, if you like the ExoSkeleton feature, is the Salming Hawk. Both models are also constructed to be flexible and lightweight.

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