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7 reasons to buy

  • When it comes to comfort, many reviewers find the Salewa Wildfire Edge Mid GTX phenomenal.
  • This high-quality approach shoe has an A-grade support system, according to numerous wearers.
  • Based on several reports, the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX is fantastically pleasing aesthetically.
  • Its ability to dig into most types of surfaces and provide a grippy ride is quite convincing, some testers claim.
  • Less than a handful of customers are deeply impressed with the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX’s craftsmanship.
  • It does not demand too much when it comes to break-in period, a few patrons say.
  • To a small group of consumers, this approach-centric hiker fences out moisture very well.

2 reasons not to buy

Bottom line

Approach aficionados who are in need of an incredibly comfortable shoe—one with matching looks to boot—are more than welcome to check out the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX. Hikers who are desperate for something intensely sticky and supportive can also bank on this product.

All that said, slipping one’s foot into this shoe might not be the best experience. Nonetheless, the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX is remarkable in both function and form.

Good to know

The Salewa Wildfire Edge Mid GTX, the boot-type sibling of the Wildfire Edge, is a comfortable approach shoe built for precision no matter the weather condition. It comes with a built-in stretch gaiter, which promises to keep virtually all sorts of debris out of the shoe. It also has a Gore-Tex membrane, making it adequately waterproof.

Two company-exclusive technologies are present in this piece: the 3F System and EXA Shell. These two work together to bolster the shoe’s stabilizing capability, especially during twisting maneuvers. Their collaborative effort also translates to improved flexibility and supportiveness.

Salewa engineers gave the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX a heel drop of 11 mm. This design choice helps the shoe’s Pomoca outsole in producing enhanced slip resistance when negotiating tricky terrain.

Salewa’s Wildfire Edge Mid GTX is an over-the-ankle approach shoe for men and women. In it, lockdown may be personalized via the hiker’s cuff-to-toe closure. This lacing system is engineered with Switchfit—a brand-owned technology that allows for two lace-up modes: hiking and climbing. The former leaves the toe box a bit roomier. The latter, on the other hand, drives the foot forward for a more intimate fit around the toes, resulting in more precision during light climbs.

The shoe's default orthotic called MFF+ doubles down on fit personalization. It has interchangeable layers that can make the volume of the shoe either wider or narrower, depending on the setup.

With the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX’s Pomoca Speed MTN Pro outsole, wearers can travel across a variety of terrain with sufficient traction. It is based on a rubber compound that delivers enough slip and skid resistance on the trail, whether the surface is dry or wet. The tooth-like protrusions (a.k.a lugs) scattered all around it provide users with extra security over loose soil. Its smooth front end, on the other hand, serves as the shoe’s climbing zone—a feature that grants additional sticking power over boulder-type terrain.

The heel platform of the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX is designed cushy yet tough to give owners a combination of comfort and protection in the lead-up to their target climbing spot. It is paired with the shoe’s insole called Edging Plate, which provides additional edging support. Right on top of these two components is the shoe’s MFF+ (Multi Fit Footbed Plus) orthotic courtesy of Ortholite. This removable insert is made up of a sturdy bottom layer and a cushy top layer.

This approach boot envelops the foot in its mid-cut upper made with a combination of suede leather (at 1.6 mm thick), microfiber, and 3D-printed cage-like overlays. It has a debris-protective gaiter, which is synthetic. It comes engineered with an anti-rock heel cup for added support. Its ability to fence out moisture and keep the shoe’s interior adequately ventilated is thanks to Gore-Tex’s Extended Comfort liner.

The Wildfire Edge Mid GTX’s upper is made complete with a pair of pull loops and the footgear’s fit management system. The latter is made up of combination eyelets and a heavy-duty synthetic lace.

The Wildfire Edge Mid GTX is considered one of Salewa’s finest. As such,  the approach shoe in question winds up being the other half in comparisons quite often. In this head-to-head, its rival is found within the brand’s growing family of approach kicks—the Salewa Wildfire GTX. The following points will put into perspective their differences.

Weight. On this front, the competition takes the cake. Yes, the Salewa Wildfire GTX is about 100 g lighter than the featured shoe.

Collar height. As mentioned in the Upper section and as strongly hinted at by its name, the Salewa Wildfire Edge Mid GTX comes with a mid-cut cuff. The competing hiker, on the other hand, has a below-the-ankle collar.

Pricing. In this round, the rival approach shoe has the upper hand. Indeed, it is cheaper than the Salewa Wildfire GTX by approximately 50 US dollars.

Upper construction. The Wildfire Edge Mid GTX’s upper is made mainly of leather. On the other hand, the Wildfire GTX’s is made of mesh. Both uppers, however, are waterproof, thanks to Gore-Tex.