Changes to the Ultra Train 3

No one should be faulted for thinking that the Ultra Train 3 is not much different from its predecessor. That said, those who say that they are two different speedy beasts are not wrong either. The following are the featured hiker’s upgrades:

Outsole redesign

Get the shoe outsole facing up and look at its band-like pattern at the center. This strip (a.k.a. Pomoca S Path) is made up of more aggressive lugs, which can produce more than enough friction, especially during transitions. The outer lugs are also more spaced apart than before, allowing for efficient shedding of debris and mud as you go.

Improved rearfoot

With its more uniform and integrated heel cup, the Ultra Train 3 is even more supportive than the Ultra Train 2. This part of the shoe has also been updated to discourage heel lift.

Heel loop

A component not part of its predecessor, this resilient pull loop makes getting in and out of the shoe a whole lot easier.

What the box might not tell you about the Salewa Ultra Train 3

  • Its outer lugs are slightly jutting out around the sides, giving wearers extra bite during lateral (sideways) traversals.
  • The Ultra Train 3 can be used for very light smearing (a climbing technique) on low-level boulders, thanks to its lugged front tip and reinforced toe rand.


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