Who should buy the Salewa Raven 2 GTX

The Salewa Raven 2 GTX impressed a good number of users. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a mountaineering boot that can maintain the flexibility and durability of the boot.
  • Prefer a mountaineering boot that gives surefootedness and traction when tackling challenging terrain.
  • Prefer a mountaineering boot that enables free movement of the ankles while providing support.

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Updates to :name

  • From a 2.0 mm PU coated leather with Cordura upper, it was changed to a 1.6 mm suede leather. This modification still works with a highly resistant fabric. These materials maintain the flexibility and durability of the boot.
  • From its predecessor’s Vibram Mulaz, the current version now has a Vibram WTC sole. The aggressive sole gives surefootedness and traction when tackling challenging terrain.
  • Now coined as the 3F system, its improved design still delivers flexibility, ankle support, and precise fit. This technology gives a more comfortable ride.
  • The Raven 2 GTX is now at 750 grams for men and 670 grams for women. Their previous versions weigh 800 grams and 680 grams, respectively. The weight reduction is due to the improved design and materials used.
  • From a high elastic cuff, the new version features the Flex Collar. This improvement enables free movement of the ankles while providing support.
  • The Salewa Salewa Raven 3 GTX replaces this model.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX logo 1

Size and fit

The Salewa Raven 2 GTX is an alpine boot for men and women. Its lacing system reaches the toe area to allow a snugger fit. The 3D lacing system makes a more customized fit possible. It divides the lacing system into three sections (forefoot, midfoot, and cuff). Likewise, it can be customized based on users’ desired comfort and level of performance.  The Climbing Lacing extension towards the toes grants full fit customization for better delivery on difficult terrains.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX size

Provides enough traction and surefootedness

In collaboration with Vibram and Michelin, the outsole of the Raven 2 GTX features the Vibram WrapThread Combi (WTC) sole. It keeps a low-profile look while having aggressive treads. This sole provides enough traction and surefootedness—the ability to tackle rough and challenging terrain in a safe manner. It also has a crampon connection in the heel area.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX outsole

100% blister-free guarantee

As part of Salewa’s Alpine Fit 100% blister-free guarantee, the Raven 2 GTX has the Multi-Fit Footbed Plus (MFF+). It has two interchangeable layers to accommodate a range of foot shapes and sizes.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX outsole 1

Long-lasting cushioning

The Bilight midsole offers long-lasting cushioning. Its design and properties deliver optimum shock absorption even on the most challenging terrain. The midsole also includes a component made of nylon with 27% fiberglass.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX midsole

Odor-free and fresh

Cleansport NXT is the anti-microbial treatment applied to the mountaineering boot. This innovative technology is 100% natural and safe for consumers and the environment. It keeps the foot odor-free and fresh during and after activities.   

Salewa Raven 2 GTX insole

Durable and flexible

The Salewa Raven 2 GTX upper is a combination of 1.6 mm suede leather and wear-resistant Microfiber. These materials make it durable and flexible. It is strengthened by the 360-degree full rubber rand which wraps the mountaineering boot. The rand also serves as protection against screes.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX upper

Eliminates abrasions and hot spots

The patented 3F system of Salewa is incorporated in the Raven 2 GTX. It pulls the instep, heel, and sole together. Moreover, it takes care of flexibility, support, and precise fit. It avoids unnecessary movements, eliminating abrasions and hot spots.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX upper 1

To facilitate ease in the arch area, Raven 2 GTX boasts of its overlapping tongue design. It provides optimal comfort and wraps on the foot without compromising movement.

Enables smooth rotation of the ankles

The Flex Collar enables a smooth rotation of the ankles during locomotion and when traversing downhill trails. Its curved shape does not inhibit the plantar flexion of the foot, thus avoiding fatigue and increasing comfort.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX ankle

Waterproof and breathable

The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane in this boot ensures waterproofness and breathability. It inhibits water from seeping in while allowing moisture inside to escape. This Gore-Tex variant is designed for moderate weather conditions of the outdoors.

Salewa Raven 2 GTX upper 4

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 26.5oz / Women 23.6oz
Update: Salewa Raven 3 GTX
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Single, Lace-to-toe / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Salewa

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