We spent 9.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what training geeks think:

5 reasons to buy

  • A majority of users embraced the light and comfortable nature of the Ryka Vestige RZX.
  • Many consumers were impressed by the solid support that the midsole provided for the arch and heel.
  • Its pivot point sole and shock-absorbent cushioning were agreeable for Zumba, step, Jazzercise, and other cardio-focused workouts, according to a number of reviews.
  • Fitness enthusiasts found that it was flexible enough for a variety of foot movements.
  • Some fashion-conscious buyers fancied the shoe’s design and color options.

3 reasons not to buy

  • High-arched people warned against using this shoe as it didn’t provide enough arch support.
  • Several wearers detested that their heels slipped too much inside the shoe because of the wide foot-chamber.
  • One tester reported that the rubber outsole started peeling after a few months of use.

Bottom line

The Ryka Vestige RZX is a cross-training shoe that received a positive reception from gym enthusiasts. It’s well-known for its lightweight and comfortable construction, which made it excellent for all-day use based on their reviews. They also praised its midsole’s robust arch, heel support, pivot point sole, shock-absorbent cushioning, and fashionable style and colors. However, the shoe is not without its criticisms. People complained about heel slipping due to the spacious interior, insufficient arch support, and easily deteriorated rubber outsole.


Use: Workout
Price: $75
Weight: Women: 8.5oz
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Features: Lightweight
Brand: Ryka
Colorways: Black, Grey
Small True to size Large
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  • The Ryka Vestige RZX is an aesthetically pleasing and functional cross-training shoe. It has a low-cut design that features a ventilated mesh upper ensconced in a gradient print and tonal flex foil in the midfoot for mechanical support. The lacing system ensures a secure foot lockdown.
  • Its footbed is made of the antimicrobial Ortholite foam. It has cushioning and moisture-wicking capabilities to keep the foot fresh and comfortable.
  • Below it is a midsole that employs the RZX, a RE-ZORB high-impact cushioning unit in the heel. It protects the foot from impact. The Ultra Flex is installed on its forefoot area to deliver flexibility.
  • The rubber outsole has a Pivot Point for more natural rotational movements. There are also strategically placed flex grooves for natural foot flexion.

The Ryka Vestige RZX is specially made for women. It has a true-to-size measurement. Its length adheres to the standard cross-training shoe sizing. It only comes in one B-Medium width option.

As one of the leading highlights of the Ryka Vestige RZX’s outsole, the Pivot Point increases traction. It also allows the wearer to be more in control to pave the way for easier transitions during studio-based fitness activities.

Meanwhile, the forefoot flex grooves allow for flexible and natural foot movements. They allow the user to keep up with the dynamic actions of aerobic classes.

The Ryka Vestige RZX offers responsive cushioning and shock absorption during high-impact exercises, thanks to its RZX: RE-ZORB cushioning in the heel. This proprietary technology is a foam compound material that is designed for optimal comfort and support.

The Ultra Flex is installed on the forefoot. It enables the foot to have a wide range of movements.

Atop the midsole is an antimicrobial Ortholite footbed. It is characterized by its lightweight and long-lasting cushioning, breathability, and moisture management.

This Ryka workout trainer has a mesh upper for a comfortable and breathable feel. It wraps the foot and keeps it secure throughout the training session. It is covered in a gradient print for a sleek and trendy design.

The midfoot area is wrapped in tonal flex foil overlays for natural support. They also provide structure to the shape and the façade of the shoe.

This breathable and stylish upper is secured by a traditional lacing system. The shoelaces allow the wearer to adjust the fit to suit preference.


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