Who should buy the Ryka Influence 2.5

The Influence 2.5 is a training shoe designed to meet the unique needs of women with active lifestyles. This offering from Ryka is a solid choice if:

  • You are looking for a shoe comfortable to be worn for an extended period.
  • Your exercise routine involves lots of quick foot movements.
  • You are after a pair that could acquaint with your feet quickly.

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Enhanced outsole traction

The Influence 2.5 sports an ergonomic rubber outsole that supports the natural movement of the foot. The rubber compound is durable, resilient, and the ridges found on it serve to increase the surface area to provide better traction. It sports a design similar to a footprint, reinforcing those parts of the sole unit that are likely to receive higher impact.

Ryka Influence 2.5 Outsole

The Pivot Point at the ball area makes transitions easy during studio-based workouts. This feature offers enough traction to support controlled turns to prevent stressing the knee or ankle joints.

Quick movement-optimized midsole

This workout shoe from Ryka uses the N-Gage EVA for its midsole. It is designed to return energy on impact which allows it to accommodate quick direction changes associated with dance workouts.

Ryka Influence 2.5 Midsole

Shock-absorbent sockliner

The trainer also features the RE-ZORB sockliner. It is an engineered foam that adds a layer of shock absorption and impact protection to the shoe.

Ryka Influence 2.5 Sockliner

Supportive arch section

The medial post uses a harder EVA material. This structure is located under the arch and gives it better support while also controlling pronation.

Ryka Influence 2.5 Arch Section Midsole

Breathable upper

A mesh material makes up the upper of the Ryka Influence 2.5. This type of fabric is lightweight and breathable to keep the foot chamber ventilated.

Ryka Influence 2.5 Upper2

The Flex-Foil is a type of welded synthetic material that protects high wear-and-tear areas without adding weight. This technology protects the toe box, parts of the side panels, the lacing system, and the heel counter.

This model also employs the Direct-Fuse, another synthetic material, to reinforce the upper. The fusion of the two elements creates a stitch-less system that is strong and supportive, but lightweight.

Supportive lacing system

An independent lacing system allows users to customize the fit and lateral support. The round laces pass through cable-like structures that span the midfoot on both sides.

Ryka Influence 2.5 Lacing System

When the laces are pulled, the cables become taut and draws the side panels closer to the foot, thereby enhancing the lateral support.

Slide-safe ankle section

At the back of the footwear, the padded collar supports the ankle and prevents the foot from sliding out of the shoe while in motion. It also has an external heel counter that holds the back of the foot in place so the foot won’t wobble when doing explosive movements.

Ryka Influence 2.5 Ankle

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 8.2oz
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal / Normal, Wide
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Ryka
Colorways: Black
SKUs: E5060M1001 / E5060M1002 / E5060M1020 / E5060M1400 / E5060M2003 / E5060M2021

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