Who should buy the Ryka Devotion XT Mid

Specifically designed for women, the Devotion XT Mid is a training shoe from Ryka produced to satisfy the needs of those who want more support around the ankle. That said, the brand utilized innovations, design, and technology to achieve that goal. It is a solid prospect if:

  • You are into one or more of the following fitness activities: Zumba, Jazzercise, and cardio-centric kickboxing. 
  • Twists and turns have been a challenge to you and you need a trainer that would help facilitate those maneuvers with less trouble. 
  • You are after a shoe that would appease your fashion appetite but at the same time has the impressive functionality of a training companion. 

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Lateral flexibility and traction

An eight-piece radiused skeletal rubber layer makes up the outsole of the Ryka Devotion XT Mid. The sectioned construction facilitates natural forward and lateral flexibility. This compound also provides traction on smooth studio floors, but there’s a Pivot Point, a smooth disc, under the ball that helps the wearer perform twists and turns smoothly without straining the knee.

Ryka Devotion XT Mid Outsole1

Supportive midsole

The RE-ZORB technology is used in two forms in the Ryka Devotion XT Mid. The first is the full-length white platform and the second is the colored network of pods called the RE-ZORB LITE that is sandwiched between the primary midsole and the outsole. RE-ZORB is engineered to deliver exceptional support and rebound for long-lasting comfort.

Ryka Devotion XT Mid Midsole1

Anti-slip footbed

Inside the trainer is the Anatomical Precise-Return insole that is covered in an antimicrobial fabric that prevents the development of foul-smelling odors. The footbed provides maximum underfoot coverage that enhances comfort and prevents the foot from slipping inside the footgear.

Ryka Devotion XT Mid Insole1

 The Ryka Devotion XT Mid's upper

The Ryka Devotion XT Mid employs various materials in its upper construction. Mesh fabric makes up the majority of the top which aids in aerating the foot chamber. Synthetic overlays protect the toe, the lower section of the quarters, the eyestay, and the heel wrap. These elements also provide structure and support.

Ryka Devotion XT Mid Upper2

Snug midfoot section

Rubber wings are present on the later and medial sides of the midfoot which integrate with the web of the straps and connect to the lacing system. This intricate design not only adds to the style of the shoe but also helps in securely locking the foot down.

Ryka Devotion XT Mid Straps2

Enhanced rearfoot support

The mid-cut style is completed with a single hook-and-loop strap at the top. It helps lock the foot in and adds ankle support. The tongue and heel are both padded, and the interior is lined with smooth fabric, to prevent discomfort.

Ryka Devotion XT Mid Heel1

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 10oz
Base model: Ryka Devotion XT
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal / Normal, Wide
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Ryka
Colorways: Black

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