Who should buy the Ryka Devotion Plus 3

Designed to be flexible, responsive, and comfortable, Ryka Devotion Plus 3 utilized a number of components to ensure that its intended purpose is achieved. It might benefit you if:

  • Arthritis and plantar fasciitis has been very frustrating that you need a shoe that could relieve the aforementioned discomfort.
  • Work requires you to be on your feet the whole day and a shoe that offers lasting comfort is what you need.
  • For some reason, situations require you to get a new pair that provides comfort out of the box.
  • You highly regard hygiene that a shoe that keeps your feet free from unpleasant odor is what you are looking for. 

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Logo1

Protective yet pliable outsole

Instead of a full-length rubber outsole, the shoe employs eight pieces of rubber that are strategically placed throughout the platform.

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Outsole1

This design is called a radial skeletal outsole and is meant to protect the shoe without adding too much extra weight. It also allows the sole to be more pliable with the flex grooves found in between the rubber pods.

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Outsole2

Shock-absorbent platform

The Devotion Plus 3 offers its cushioned support through a combination of the EVA foam and the proprietary RE-ZORB foam. 

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Midsole2

According to the brand, the EVA compound has a lightweight and responsive nature, while the RE-ZORB active foam provides additional shock absorption and protection against impact.

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Midsole3

An extra Anatomical Precise-Return insole is also taking care of the foot’s comfort. It is meant to give additional arch and heel support throughout the walk.

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Insole1

The Ryka Devotion Plus 3's breathable upper

The basic material used for the shoe’s upper is a breathable mesh textile. It features larger ventilation pores on the toe box and on the sides to keep the foot refreshed and free of unpleasant odor.

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Upper1

Amplifying the side support

The third iteration of the Devotion Plus introduces intricate iridescent overlays on the sides. They not only add a bright touch to the footwear but also serve a functional purpose. These lines give structure to the facade and thus, enhance side support.

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Overlays

Supportive rearfoot 

A smooth fabric lining creates a cozy in-shoe feel. On top of that, the padded collar and tongue form secure and cushiony support around the ankle.

Ryka Devotion Plus 3 Collar

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 10oz
Arch support: Neutral
Base model: Ryka Devotion
Use: All-day wear, Travel, Europe, City, Disney, For nurses
Closure: Lace-up
Material: Mesh upper
Features: Lightweight / Cushioned

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