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Unboxing and initial on-foot feel of the Kyrie 5 SBSP EP

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This is a review from one expert, and reflects personal opinions. Learn what 89 other basketball players think of this shoe and see colorways at the Nike Kyrie 5 main page.

The Kyrie 5 gets the job done. It is simply among the most effective shoes on the basketball court.



It needs a few runs to break in the sole, maybe 10- to 15-minute of warm-up running back and forth on the court could loosen up the initial stiffness.

Even so, you get to feel the initial traction it gives on court. If you have already worn them in a game, wiping the outsoles before playing again creates a better court feel.

The grip is great, and I don’t have any complaints about the laterals and cuts going to the basket. However, this needs wiping every end of a quarter on dusty courts. It gives the maximum bite on clean courts. 


The Zoom Turbo bag gives the knees the cushion  that they need. Since I am 5’8 and 180lbs, a cushion that helps my knees absorb impact is a big plus.

The Kyrie 5 really does go from good to great. As said, the outstanding position of the Zoom unit makes the shoe perfectly knee-friendly. Because of the responsive Zoom system, you can feel the support for every jump during rebounds or as you hustle at the loose ball. The Zoom is also good even in quick changes in pace and lateral cuts. 

As for court feel, the Kyrie 5 is low to the ground. It transitions well from toe to heel.

The shoe also provides very wonderful Impact protection especially to late 30s ballers like me. It’s kinda Bouncy but not like a spring; should I use a sponge as a visual aid?

Zoom Air forefoot is a big plus and a bonus for flat-footed players like me. The added push compliments the underfoot feel, making you a little more agile especially when age is already catching up. Overall cushion, The Kyrie 5 Gets the job done.


Engineered mesh is easy to break in, it's light and easy to clean after use. Great details on the upper, I love the play of materials and colors.

There are a lot of things happening in every part of the shoe, you would feel like a kid turning it around for the first time. It looks like a collage composed of circles that make you want to count them all.

The only downfall of the Kyrie 5 is its light color; dust and dirt are easily visible on the shoe.


Good fit and lockdown. It hugs the heel, so you won’t feel any slip and slide as if your foot is going out of the Kyrie 5.

The Flytrap on the midfoot is just right: not too wide to be a distraction, not too narrow that it can’t anymore give the midfoot the support it needs.

Quite Nice ankle support. I cannot say anything less about this. The wide base of the shoe makes a wide-foot guy like me wear the shoe more often in a game. A solid game kicks with secure footbed. It's so easy to see why everyone loves Uncle Drew! 


At first, the Kyrie 5 is kinda snug and a little hard to put on; what you can do is properly loosen the lace and you are good. Once it has been broken in, the fit and comfort that it delivers is solid.

The shoe also locks the foot down ready for a game, be it competitive or just a lighthearted evening with friends.


Yes, I definitely recommend it outdoors since the sole is engineered for  performance. However, I recommend that players apply shoe protectant spray first.


These Kyrie Irving basketball shoes are true to size, but not wide-feet friendly. One can wear thick socks to remedy this.


Slightly narrow, but a half or full size up would do for wide-footed players.

Andelino Marzan | Level 2 expert Verified
I’m a former high school varsity player but still competes at commercial leagues and small basketball tournaments. Also, I’m a full-time visual artist and an art teacher. I am a Nike fan, and I have more than 200 basketball shoes—all Nike. Everyday, I play basketball after work, so I think I can give a proper shoe review about pairs that I've worn on and off-court. My favorite pairs are Jordan 3, 4 and 11. As of today, I wear the Hyper Adapt B.B. during basketball games and tournaments.

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