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The Jordan Ultra Fly

/100 by Aidan Shaw, posted on .
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The Jordan Ultra Fly has a wavy tread pattern on the sole. The texture of the sole reminds me of high-end Jordan signature shoes; that clear-type sole that makes that squeaking sound with the slightest steps on the gym floor.

It is very hard to find a shoe with this sole material under $100, when on sale. I never played outside in these and for months they have been oh-so dependable. Eventually, the treads will wear down and they are not super deep.



There is not a lot of fancy transitions in the upper of the Jordan Ultra Fly. What you get, when inspecting in hand, is a kind of like a mesh fabric bootie surrounded by this rubber web texture. It almost resembles a camouflage.

I will admit it does not contour and hold its shape. But on foot and in games, I never had any complaints about it. It was easy to put on and it reacted the way I needed to when making moves. It's not tight or too loose, at least not with my foot.



Jordan Ultra Fly is average in weight. The materials feel lightweight and obviously, the heaviest part of the shoe is the sole. When I think of the weight of a shoe, I'm only hesitant to play in it when I feel like it's going to hold me back. Never felt like I lost a step in these.


For what this shoe lacks in the way it fits, it doubles in durability! The Jordan Ultra Fly has the rubber web texture on the outside of the mesh that surrounds your foot inside.

I never had any signs of wear on these shoes, other than the sole. I'm looking at this shoe and these are like tanks. Maybe I just got lucky. But from the heel to the toe, I am looking for signs of wear and I don't see any. My sister's pair has some discoloration here and there from dust because the inner is white. But same thing, visibly the same as out of the box.


It's apparent when looking at the bottom of the shoe that there is a Nike air-sole unit in the forefoot. The Jordan Ultra-fly is comfortable for working out and games in my opinion.

The cushion is alright. I fly around when I play and I can honestly say my feet never hurt after playing in these.



The lacing on the Jordan Ultra Fly is typical eyelets, nothing fancy.

The shoe covers the ankle and while it does not have a lot of reinforcement in the heel area, I still felt secure. High School and older players that may have a heavier frame, power forwards/centers, could see this as a setback. For myself, it was sufficient. That has to be a judgment call when you try it on.

Super satisfied with the Jordan Ultra fly!

Once you get over the design/look of the shoe and accept it, you will be impressed.

The Jordan Ultra Fly performs very well compared to many shoes that are more expensive. And the biggest jewel is the traction. This is another great performance shoe by Jordan.

Aidan Shaw | Level 3 expert Verified
Basketball is part of my daily life. I pretty much hoop 6 days a week, sometimes 7 days. I'm 6'6 so all of my reviews are based on a size 14 shoe, its weight, traction, durability. I play positions 1 through 4, so performance-wise I really put shoes to the test. As of 10/25/2018, my current rotation is between Jordan XX9 Low and Lebron Soldier XII Zoom SFG.

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