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Jordan 2x3 - Performance review

/100 by Andelino Marzan, posted on .
This is a review from one expert, and reflects personal opinions. Learn what 6 other basketball players think of this shoe and see colorways at the Jordan 2x3 main page.

The Jordan 2x3 was released in early 2019. These shoes are game ready for both indoor and outdoor court as these are equipped with Zoom Air technology.



These do not feel too stiff even with XDR. With few warm-ups around the court, you are set to go.


The upper is composed of mesh and leather with soft foam tongue. It is a combination of comfort, breathability, and sturdiness. Despite it not as premium compared to the other Jordan line, it is still a reliable basketball shoe.



The shoe has a Jordan text on a stretchable strap placed midfoot and has five eyelets that help hold the shoe with a polyester shoestring. This keeps your foot and stride in place.

With its fewer eyelets, it is much easier to tie your shoelaces. However, it doesn't give much lockdown compared to a shoe that has more eyelets.


Jordan 2x3 outsole is made from XDR that tailored for outdoor courts. The herringbone traction gives a lot of court feel, and it doesn't slip during sprint and side to side movement.



Sturdy and steady: that is how I would describe these pair. It is also easy to clean after a ball game. The logo on the toe part helps avoid slippage when you run and sprint back and forth.


Despite being an entry-level pair basketball shoe, it gives the user stability on court with a thick heel counter. Support feels fine and does not hurt the heel after a game.

Since it has a nice curve, it gives flat-footed ballers a little help on their foot. It does not hamper movements and works just fine even side to side.



Jordan 2x3 has a large tongue for easy slip-on and pull. However, I wish the tongue was a little smaller and has more sponge for ankle cushion.



Jumpman logo is well placed and streamlined from the outsole toe to the tongue. It does not affect overall performance and movements. Thus, a player would not feel or experience a slip while running back and forth.

It has a smooth curve on the heel. The shoe has impressive details, and the traction has good overall court grip.



The Jordan 2x3 is an overall performer hoop shoe. It is light on the feet and doesn't give problems on lateral movements.

I had a one-hour game using this pair. The shoe holds well through runs, stop and pops, and fadeaways. It's light you could easily make a sprint, move laterals, and do side to sides.

Even if I am backpedalling on defense, trying to stop a fast break from the other team, the Jordan 2x3 does its job. During offense, the pair is smooth when you want to move around the pick, receive a pass, and do a quick jump shot.


I was on these pair for more than an hour of pick up game with friends on a Friday night.


The shoes are low to the ground the herringbone traction would give you a stable form. It does not feel heavy on one's foot because of its light construction.

Even on the last stretch of the 40-minute game, my foot doesn't feel too tired. My legs heavy but still can push through to the last minute.


I would recommend these shoes for casual players, weekend ballers, or for parents on a budget who have kids playing hoop yet wants to provide their sons or daughters with a good reliable shoe.


  • Good price
  • Reliable all-around game shoe
  • Best deal for casual ballers on a budget—won't break the bank or put a hole to your pocket


  • Tongue can sometimes move to the side, but it is not much of a trouble. A thicker shoestring can help for more lockdown.
  • Does not have the flair of other models, so this shoe won't be a head-turner on the court
Andelino Marzan | Level 2 expert Verified
I’m a former high school varsity player but still competes at commercial leagues and small basketball tournaments. Also, I’m a full-time visual artist and an art teacher. I am a Nike fan, and I have more than 200 basketball shoes—all Nike. Everyday, I play basketball after work, so I think I can give a proper shoe review about pairs that I've worn on and off-court. My favorite pairs are Jordan 3, 4 and 11. As of today, I wear the Hyper Adapt B.B. during basketball games and tournaments.

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