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The Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit

/100 by Aidan Shaw, posted on .
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The Adidas Crazy Explosive turns out to be one my sister's favorite shoes to play in. So when she said I needed to play in these, I was hesitant to take her seriously. But I'm so glad that I did!

The original release caught my eye in 2016. Dubbed the "Andrew Wiggins", the shoe was quickly sold out everywhere, especially the black prime knit colorway. She played her senior year in the 2016 black colorway with the glow-in-the-dark accents. And after the press release for the 2017 Adidas Crazy Explosive surfaced and I saw the pictures, I had to give the nod.

These were my first pair of Adidas I ever wore playing competitively and they definitely gave me an advantage.



The traction of the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 is one of my favorites, especially coupled with the Boost, which I will discuss later. The pattern, composition, and profile have proven to be one of the best. The amphibious pattern on the bottom has a rubber and synthetic feel.

The only downside is the durability of this sole. I don't play outside too often and don't think these will last playing outside. I can only vouch for playing inside on wood floors.

When I look at the bottom of the shoe, I can identify where I make contact the most with my shoes. The stop and go is an essential feature of the shoe; just be cognizant that they will not last forever if you don't rotate them.



I was very excited to try one of the first shoes with the weaved upper from Adidas aka Prime Knit especially after having a great experience with other brands that have adopted this type of technology for the upper.

Adidas is different in that some areas are strategically reinforced with a ribbing in the weave. The finished product offers a fit with great feel in the toe and sides of the foot.



The Adidas Crazy Explosive '17 offers a lighter feel on-foot than most shoes I tried when these were released.

I judge the weight of a shoe most the time based off of how I feel making my first and second step on a move out of triple threat. I've held this pair and the Adidas Crazy Explosive '16 in hand and while I did not use a scale, I could tell the prime knit is definitely lighter.


I love prime knit shoes by Adidas. Combined with the outsole and midsole, the Crazy Explosive proved to be revolutionary for a period of time when I played in these. Prime knit provides an awesome fit, breathability and a light feel.

My issue with the Crazy Explosive is the durability. The shoestring eyelets tore off eventually and the inside of the upper has excessive wear. I assume the wear is from moves where I plant with the inside of my foot but yeah, they really do start to break down after playing hard in them.


Adidas boost cushion is revolutionary. One of the most memorable feelings is when you FIRST put the shoe on and walk around in it.

And this pair had me smiling and saying "these feel really good." No exaggeration. For me, there is nothing they could have done better with the cushion of this shoe.



Another newer trend in basketball shoes that Adidas Crazy Explosive '17 has is the sock-like feel around the ankle. The primary portion of the upper actually comes up to my ankle, versus stopping right below it.

So when laced, it really does provide a snug and structured feel. The midsole also has areas of support around the sides of the foot that prevent your foot from feeling like it's slipping inside the shoe.

Highly recommended despite the tendency to show wear early!

Keep in mind what level of player you are when making a decision based off of my reviews. Are you a casual player or do you play 100+ games a season?

You do not want to miss out on playing in the Adidas Crazy Explosive '17 especially since they are likely available for some good deals in 2018 compared to being offered for $149 when they were initially released.

Aidan Shaw | Level 3 expert Verified
Basketball is part of my daily life. I pretty much hoop 6 days a week, sometimes 7 days. I'm 6'6 so all of my reviews are based on a size 14 shoe, its weight, traction, durability. I play positions 1 through 4, so performance-wise I really put shoes to the test. As of 10/25/2018, my current rotation is between Jordan XX9 Low and Lebron Soldier XII Zoom SFG.

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