Terrain: Road
Arch support: Stability
Use: Jogging
Weight: Men: 9.6oz | Women: 7.7oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 6mm | Women: 6mm
Pronation: Overpronation
Arch type: Medium arch
Strike Pattern: Midfoot strike
Distance: Daily running | Long distance | Marathon
Release date: Oct 2016
Brand: Reebok
Type: Low drop
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $90
Colorways: Black, Orange
Small True to size Large
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  • The Reebok ZStrike Elite is a cool-looking running shoe for those who need reliable coverage, comfortable cushioning, and a bit of mid-foot support. Aesthetically, it has a modern look that caters to the trends of this contemporary era. Different colorways add more flair to the façade of this model, making it more eye-catching. Breathable fabrics are used here, basically providing the runner with a well-ventilated running experience.
  • The underfoot platform features the ZStrike, a dual-density foam that cushions the foot responsibly. It has cushioning pistons, which adapt to the movement and speed of the foot. It’s flexible and adherent to the natural motion of the wearer. The mid-foot platform has been reinforced to provide support to the arch.
  • The outsole unit of this Reebok running shoe uses CRTek, an abrasion resistant rubber compound. It protects areas of the mid-sole that are prone to wear and tear. Contact lugs in the outsole perceive the motion and speed of the foot, causing the cushioning system to soften at slow speeds and firm up during speedier pursuits.

The Reebok ZStrike Elite has a standard running shoe length. It comes in sizes that adhere to the preferences of men and women. The available width is medium, so it is able to accommodate those with medium sized feet. The semi-curved shape of this model actually mimics the natural shape of the human foot.

The outsole unit of the Reebok ZStrike Elite features the CRTek, a robust rubber compound that’s highly resistant to abrasion. It covers areas of the outsole that are prone to wear and tear. It also provides surface traction, which is a catalyst for better surface control.

Contact lugs pockmark the outsole unit. These areas cause the cushioning system to soften when the wearer is moving at a slow pace, and firm up during quicker sessions on the roads.

The ZStrike cushioning system is made up of a dual-density material, which adapts to the motion of the foot. It’s responsive and springy. It also has a pliable nature, which means that it can give way for the natural flexibility of the foot. Pistons heighten the responsiveness of the platform.

A sock liner is placed right above the main mid-sole unit. It adds a bit more cushioning to the underfoot. It’s soft, but it doesn’t feel slippery.

The mid-foot area has been reinforced in order to provide support and stability to the arch. It also guides the foot in getting a smoother heel-to-toe transition.

The MonoMesh upper fabric is a lightweight material. It composes the majority of the upper unit. It’s breathable; it is capable of encouraging environmental air into the foot-chamber in order to keep the foot cool and dry.

A speed lacing system has been integrated into the upper unit. With this, it’s easier to wear and remove the shoe. It actually looks like traditional shoelaces, with a semi-flat look that contributes to a snug and secure feel.