Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Weight: Men: 8oz | Women: 8oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 6mm | Women: 6mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Strike Pattern: Midfoot strike
Distance: Competition
Heel height: Men: 25mm | Women: 25mm
Forefoot height: Men: 19mm | Women: 19mm
Brand: Reebok
Type: Low drop
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $85
Colorways: Multi
Special editions: 1 special editions
Small True to size Large
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  • The Z Fury from Reebok is a low-profile running shoe that’s made to actually mimic the performance and handling of a race car. While the look certainly isn’t the thing that mimics a sports car, its outsole tread pattern does. Looking at it, one could actually see that it follows the design philosophy of those race car tires. It is flexible, so it allows natural movement to dominate the roads.
  • The upper unit of this running shoe features a new-sew construction, which gives the runner more freedom of movements. No unnecessary layering or add-ons have been placed on the upper, and those that are placed in it are all very efficient in doling out their purpose of securing and wrapping the foot. It’s breathable and comfortable.
  • The midsole uses a standard foam material that has a low-profile design. The cushioning system actually works with the outsole treads to provide great handling to the runner. Movement is controlled by the runner, so the platform actually gives way to the natural move-set of the human foot, making the entire running experience more attuned to how the foot was meant to do it.
  • A high abrasion resistant rubber is used in the outsole unit of the Reebok Z Fury. It is placed in critical areas where wear and tear are most likely to happen, so it shields the rest of the sole unit from potential damage. Flex grooves resemble vehicle tire trenches and they give the runner more surface control and flexibility.

The Reebok Z Fury has a regular running shoe length. It comes in sizes that adhere to the measurements for men and women. The heel, mid-foot and forefoot sections of this shoe have medium widths, so it is able to easily accommodate the runners who have medium sized feet. The semi-curved shape allows the natural shape of the foot to acclimate well to it.

The outsole unit of the Reebok Z Fury uses the CRTek high abrasion resistant rubber material. Placed in crucial areas of the outsole where wear and abrasion are most common, this layer of shielding actually extends the lifespan of the shoe. It even gives responsible traction for the runner, so surface control is very agreeable. This has been used in other Reebok running shoes and it gives an impressive performance like the AHAR compound in the Asics Nimbus 21

The Z-Rated technology of race car tires has been used in this running shoe. The unique outsole geometry gives the runner control over movement, speed, and even sure traction over the asphalt.

A low-profile Ethylene vinyl acetate foam is the one that’ used in this running shoe. It gives cushioning during impact and responsive performance throughout the gait cycle. It supports the underfoot entirely, so the runner stays comfortable at all times.

The medial and lateral sections of the platform have grooves that allow the mid-sole to expand and flex. They allow a more balanced performance when striking the foot on the ground and when transitioning towards the next forefoot lift. They make the platform more flexible.

A no-sew construction allows the runner to experience a sock-like fit that’s free from any unnecessary layering or stitching. It also maintains a lightweight disposition for the upper unit. Having such a design allows the upper to follow the natural movement of the foot.

The NanoWeb PU is a web-like covering that’s made from durable polyurethane. It is an additional layer that’s meant to assist the upper fabrics when it comes to hugging the foot snugly. They don’t impede air from naturally entering the shoe, essentially keeping the foot cool and dry at all times.